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“OLUWA IS INVOLVED” [Video & Lyrics] the amazing ministry of Joy_Okeke

Joy Okeke - Oluwa is Involved

US-based Nigerian Indigenous Gospel Artist, Joy Okeke, unveils her latest soul-winning and inspirational track, “OLUWA IS INVOLVED.” Hailing from the eastern part of Nigeria and currently residing in the United States, Okeke is an acclaimed gospel artist with a track record of ministering in various churches, both domestically and internationally, as she continues to draw souls to Christ.

“OLUWA IS INVOLVED” carries a powerful message rooted in faith and divine intervention. The song resonates with Okeke’s deep connection to her Nigerian roots and her spiritual journey. As an award-winning artist, Okeke brings her unique blend of gospel music, combining cultural influences with a universal message of hope.

The track emphasizes the omnipresence of God in the creation of all things, echoing the biblical affirmation that Jesus is the Creator: “Through him, all things were made; without him, nothing was made that has been made.” This assertion aligns with the artist’s theme of divine involvement and intervention in every aspect of life.

In addition to highlighting the creative role of Jesus, the press release draws attention to the continuous involvement of God in the daily affairs of the world. Quoting the apostle Paul, it states, “He is before all things, and in him, all things hold together” (Colossians 1:17). This profound insight reinforces the overarching message of Okeke’s music—God’s active participation in the intricate details of existence.

Paul’s words in Ephesians 1:11 further underscore the divine orchestration of events, emphasizing that believers are chosen and predestined according to the purpose of God’s will. This theological foundation adds depth to “OLUWA IS INVOLVED,” enriching the listener’s experience by fostering a deeper understanding of the spiritual context.

As Joy Okeke invites her audience to “listen, enjoy, remain blessed, and don’t forget to subscribe,” she extends an invitation to partake in a musical journey that transcends geographical boundaries. With her unique sound and impactful lyrics, Okeke aims to reach a global audience, spreading the message of faith, grace, and divine involvement.

“OLUWA IS INVOLVED” is not just a song; it’s a testament to Joy Okeke’s commitment to sharing the gospel through her musical talent. The track is now available for streaming and download, offering listeners a chance to engage with a piece of music that goes beyond entertainment, providing spiritual nourishment and encouragement in a world that needs the assurance that indeed, Oluwa is involved.

Watch “I’ll praise your name” Music Video Below;


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Music Lyrics:

(Bialele) Faithful God you are good, oh (2x)

Oluwa is involve oh


When I think about the goodness, I cannot say it all,

Say it all,

Because I know that Jesus is involve oh,

That’s why I shout “Halleluyah” (2x)

(Ha ha ha ha)

Verse 1:

Jesus you buttered my bread and sugared my tea and set my feet upon the solid rock

(solid rock 2x)

A lot of testimonies,

Because Oluwa is involve oh.

(Oluwa is involve oh)

I do things and it work for me

I wish so and it work for me

Verse 2:

I prayed oh, and it came true

All of this oh, ehh

Because Oluwa is involve oh

(Oluwa is involve oh)

Because everyday nah testimony


Good news oh

(Good news oh)



Good news oh

(good news oh)

All of this oh, ohh

Because Oluwa you are involve oh

(Oluwa is involve oh)

Who am I that He cares for me

(He care for me)

Even when I’m down in my shame

Even when all things fall apartooh,

Oluwa is involve oh

(Bia Le le,

Mmbaba, aiyayayaaa) 8x

(Because Oluwa is involve oh)


When I think about the goodness I can not say it all

Say it all

Because I know that Jesus is involve oh

Thats why I shout “Hallelujah” (2x)

Verse 3:

Jesus you buttered my bread

and sugared my tea and set my feet upon the solid ground

(solid ground 2x)

The Lord of Testimony


Because Oluwa is involved oh

Verse 4:

Oluwa has turned my life around

(turned my life around)

(around oh, around)

He has taken me higher ehh

I am going higher everyday


Because Oluwa is involve oh

(Eh ya ya ya)

Oluwa has turned my life aroundooh

(turned my life around)

(around oh, around)

He has taken me higher, eh

I am going higher everyday,

Because Oluwa is involve ooh

(is involve oh 2x)

Verse 5:

My life as a whole is a blessing

(is a blessing 2x)


I no fit complain again oh, oh oh

God has settled my case oh oh oh,

Because Oluwa is involve oh

Oluwa is involve 2x

Eh ya ya ya as (10x)

Because Oluwa is involve oh (2x)

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Written by Samuel GodAnswers

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