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The Fire Is Burning [Music & Video] – Spirit uplifting song || Pst Jude Osobase

THE FIRE IS BORNING by Pst Jude Osobase

“Fire Burning through Me” by Dr. Jude Osobase

Dr. Jude Osobase, the founder and Senior Pastor of Zion World Church, has unveiled his latest single, “Fire Burning through Me,” accompanied by a captivating live video performance. Rooted in biblical inspiration from John 5:35 KJV, the song emerges as a powerful prayer anthem with a mission to reignite the fervor within our hearts.

The lyrics draw from the biblical verse, portraying believers as burning and shining lights. Dr. Osobase envisions this song as a catalyst, sparking a revival in the hearts of listeners to dispel darkness and attract divine favor. The track is a poignant reminder of the need to keep the fire of God ablaze in our spirits, a flame fueled by the application of God’s word in our lives.

“Fire Burning through Me” is not just a song; it’s a spiritual journey captured in music. Recorded live at Zion World Christian Center in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, the track emanates from a profound worship experience. The setting, 31/37 Water Parks Toyin Street, Ikeja, adds a special resonance to the song, infusing it with the sacred atmosphere of the worship space.

The live recording lends authenticity to the music, capturing the raw emotions and divine energy that filled the worship center during the performance. Dr. Jude Osobase’s vocals, combined with the soul-stirring melody, create an immersive experience for the listener, transporting them to the very heart of the worship session.

This release is not just a musical endeavor; it’s a call to action for believers to embrace their role as bearers of God’s light. The song’s central theme revolves around maintaining a vibrant spiritual connection, with the fire symbolizing the presence of the Lord in our lives. As the lyrics emphasize, this fire is sustained by the consistent application of God’s word, ensuring an unceasing, radiant flame within.

For those seeking a profound worship experience and a musical journey that transcends the ordinary, “Fire Burning through Me” by Dr. Jude Osobase is a must-listen. Available now, this soul-stirring single promises to be a transformative addition to any playlist. Join the spiritual movement, let the fire burn through you, and become a shining light in a world seeking illumination.

Watch “The Fire is Borning” Music Video Below;

THE FIRE IS BORNING by Pst Jude Osobase

Download Mp3:

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