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Ope – An amazing heart uplifting praise by Bayo Babajide

OPE (GRATEFUL) Bayo Babajide Cover Art

Bayo Babajide’s Captivating New Release “OPE” (GRATEFUL): A Fusion of Musical Heritage and Contemporary Vibes

Nigerian music scene luminary, Bayo Babajide, has struck gold once again with his third single, “OPE” (GRATEFUL). This Afrobeat-infused track is destined to set dance floors ablaze while also stirring hearts in praise to the Almighty. The song’s unique essence is heightened by the inclusion of a very special collaborator – Bayo Babajide’s daughter, Dedun Babajide. Their harmonious partnership seamlessly bridges the gap between retro and modern influences, delivering a musical experience that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

Originally conceived as a hymn meant solely for church services, “OPE” has undergone a transformation that brilliantly marries tradition and innovation. The song’s instrumentation and stylistic approach, along with its tempo and rhythm, have been thoughtfully curated to make it universally appealing. From church pews to city streets, its infectious energy and heartfelt message make it suitable for any time and place. The impeccable production by Ambassador Wole Oni further elevates the track, infusing it with a rich sonic tapestry that’s impossible to resist.

Interestingly, the origins of “OPE” trace back to Bayo Babajide’s late father, Prophet Babajide. The song’s legacy is a testament to the timelessness of heartfelt expression and the ways in which music can connect generations. Through this song, the younger Babajide pays homage to his father’s spiritual heritage, infusing it with fresh life and relevance.

Bayo Babajide’s musical journey spans over two decades, characterized by remarkable achievements and contributions to both gospel music and the worship community. Beyond being an award-winning instrumentalist and singer, he has dedicated himself to serving as a Music Director for church choirs and orchestras. His leadership has been instrumental in creating vibrant atmospheres for encountering God’s presence through music.

As the visionary behind Christtones, Bayo Babajide’s mission is to spread divine love by teaching others how to cultivate an atmosphere conducive to encountering God through music. His influence extends beyond mere performance; he is a mentor and teacher who aims to leave a lasting impact on his community.

Bayo Babajide’s multifaceted talents are rooted in his deep-seated passion for music. A Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, only scratches the surface of his lifelong devotion to the art. He is not only an accomplished musician but also an ordained Pastor, a spirit-filled individual, and a vessel of anointing.

Under his direction, the choir Tribe of Judah soared to unprecedented heights, garnering the prestigious “How Sweet the Sound” Award and earning the honor of being the first Black African choir to perform at the White House in over two centuries. His influence extends internationally, as he serves as a music consultant to numerous churches, revivals, concerts, and services.

Bayo Babajide’s commitment to creating spaces that resonate with God’s presence has left an indelible mark on countless lives. His journey is a testament to the profound impact that music, faith, and a relentless pursuit of excellence can have. Keep up with Bayo Babajide’s musical endeavors and ministry updates by following him on Instagram, Facebook, and subscribing to his YouTube channel. His unwavering dedication continues to uplift spirits and lead hearts into a deeper connection with the Divine.

Music Production: @iamwoleoni
Collaborator: @dedunsings

Stream Song: “Ope (Grateful)”


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Written by Bright Chibuzo

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