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“ORE MI” – Epic spirit captivating sound || Patrick C


“Patrick C Releases Soul-Lifting Worship Anthem ‘Orè Mi’ Following the success of ‘NO BREAKFAST’ EP”

Nigerian gospel sensation Patrick C returns with a spiritually enriching worship track titled “Orè Mi,” following the success of his sensational EP, “NO BREAKFAST.”

Building on his collaborations with renowned artists such as Victor Ike and Samsong, Patrick C takes a more spontaneous approach, blending Afrobeat, highlife, and soft rock elements to create what can be described as an “Afro-rock ” sound.

The heartfelt “Orè Mi,” translating to “My Friend,” emanates from a profound sense of gratitude towards God for the abundant blessings in the artist’s life and humanity as a whole. In a time where hope is dwindling, the song serves as a beacon of unwavering faith, portraying God as a faithful friend who never abandons us.

The fusion of Afrobeat and rock elements in “Orè Mi” adds a distinctive flavor to the worship genre, showcasing Patrick C’s versatility as an artist. The track is now available on various digital platforms, ensuring easy accessibility for listeners.

To stay updated on Patrick C’s musical journey, follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter: @patrickcsongs.

In summary, Patrick C’s latest release, “Orè Mi,” not only solidifies his position as a notable figure in the Nigerian gospel music scene but also offers a unique musical experience through its Afro rock fusion. With a profound message of gratitude and unwavering faith, this soul-lifting worship anthem is a valuable addition to the artist’s repertoire. Fans and music enthusiasts can now enjoy “Orè Mi” on their preferred digital platforms while staying connected with Patrick C through his social media handles.

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