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PRAISE ON – Amazing Jam from DJ Ernesty x Alicia Jay

PRAISE ON - DJ Ernesty x Alicia Jay

DJ Ernesty is set to make a dynamic 2024 comeback with an infectious blend of HipHop and Dancehall in his latest track, “PRAISE ON.” This collaboration with rising Christian HipHop artist Alicia Jay is a powerful anthem encouraging listeners to express gratitude for the good things that have happened and anticipate the blessings to come.

In “PRAISE ON,” DJ Ernesty skillfully combines the rhythmic elements of HipHop and Dancehall to create an uplifting sound that will keep you on your feet, praising God regardless of the situation. The track emphasizes the message of putting praise on everything, making it a perfect addition to your playlist for moments of celebration and worship.

The song features the production expertise of SHENOM, ensuring a top-notch musical experience. With DJ Ernesty’s proven track record and Alicia Jay’s rising star in Christian HipHop, “PRAISE ON” promises to be a compelling musical journey that resonates with a diverse audience.

Stay tuned for the release of “PRAISE ON,” a testament to DJ Ernesty’s commitment to delivering impactful and spiritually uplifting music. Watch out for this infectious track that seamlessly blends genres and encourages a posture of gratitude in every circumstance.

Follow @djernesty and @aliciajayofficial on social media for updates on the release. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add “PRAISE ON” to your playlist, and let the music inspire you to put your praise on it, no matter what you’re facing.

Watch “Praise On” Music Video Below;

PRAISE ON – DJ Ernesty x Alicia Jay

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