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Otuekong – WATCH OUT beautiful song to be released | MaryJane Nweke


Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting melodies of MaryJane Nweke, fondly referred to as the Golden Voice, as she gears up to release her highly anticipated single accompanied by a visually stunning music video on the 23rd of June, 2023. Titled “Otuekong,” which translates to “Great Warrior” in the Ibibio dialect of the Akwa-Ibom people from the south-south region of Nigeria, this song is set to leave an indelible mark on the music scene.

Recorded at the prestigious Rocktown Studio, and brought to life through the creative vision of Jesus Filmworks in the video production and direction, “Otuekong” perfectly showcases MaryJane’s unique style and heartfelt devotion to God. With a seamless blend of traditional folk praise and her signature eulogies, this rendition stands out as a powerfully memorable masterpiece, adorned with an infectious sing-along melody.

As you indulge in the divine harmonies of “Otuekong,” prepare for a soul-stirring experience that will undoubtedly elevate your Sunday morning praise and worship sessions. Worship leaders and music enthusiasts alike will find solace in this delightful creation, destined to become a staple in their repertoire.

Be sure to mark your calendars for the 23rd of June, 2023, and immerse yourself in the splendor of MaryJane’s musical prowess. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness this extraordinary talent in action. Click here to experience the transcendent beauty of her new single firsthand 👇:

Stream Music: “Otuekong”

MaryJane Nweke, a gifted gospel music artist based in the bustling city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, has been making waves with her powerful musical creations. One of her standout tracks, “Doer of Good Things,” taken from her album “Satisfied,” has garnered widespread acclaim, resonating deeply with audiences across the state and earning her numerous opportunities to minister at various prestigious events.

MaryJane Nweke’s remarkable talent has graced renowned gatherings such as the Tehila Experience in Abia state, where she shared the stage with esteemed artists like Steve Crown, Joepraize, and Samsong. She also lent her captivating voice to the Ubulu 4 Christ crusade in Delta state alongside Amb. Chinyere Udoma, and the Holy Ghost Outpouring in Osun state, featuring the legendary Yinka Ayefele. In addition, she joined forces with other anointed ministers at the Aba City Cry, igniting a powerful service of fire.

MaryJane Nweke’s impact extends beyond Nigerian borders as well. She united with Gospel music ministers of African descent for the remarkable 5th Inter-Cultural Praise, streamed all the way from Ireland. Closer to home, she graced the Akwete Praise Night, sharing the stage with renowned artists like Frank Edwards, Eben, and Paul Nwokocha, leaving the audience in awe.

One of her notable collaborations, “Jesus Never Fails,” featuring the sensational Mercy Chinwo, catapulted her listenership to new heights, with an average of over 500,000 streams on Boomplay. Additionally, MaryJane Nweke’s enchanting melodies have found their way onto numerous playlists across various streaming platforms, solidifying her presence in the hearts of music lovers worldwide. Notable tracks such as “Same God” and the recent release, “What More,” continue to amass impressive numbers, further cementing her status as a rising star in the gospel music scene.

With every note she sings and every word she utters, MaryJane Nweke’s voice echoes the omnipotence and grace of Jesus. Her musical ministry knows no boundaries as her message reverberates from the southeastern region of Nigeria to the farthest corners of the earth. [Go to link above to stream Otuekong]

In an era where the world craves hope and spiritual nourishment, MaryJane Nweke emerges as a beacon of faith, channeling her talents to uplift souls and inspire believers. Her unwavering dedication to proclaiming the name of Jesus through her music showcases her profound reverence and love for the Almighty. Through her artistry, she has touched lives, kindling a flame that burns brightly with the power of Jesus’ name.

In a world hungry for divine intervention, MaryJane Nweke stands as a testament to the transformative power of gospel music. “Otuekong”, enjoy the melody.

Check out some of MaryJane’s Songs

  1. Doer of all good things
  2. Jesus never fails
  3. What More

Connect with MaryJane Nweke:


Written by Bright Chibuzo

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