Nigerian pastor, motivational speaker and head of House On The Rock Church, Paul Adefarasin has recently spoken up on police brutality in one of his sermons.

In Nigeria today, police brutality has been a recurrent issue with many cases and stories of inhuman behavior and treatment of civilians by members of the Police.

The most recent wave of police brutality started brewing with an alarmingly high number of extrajudicial killings, kidnapping, robbery and other crimes perpetrated by rogue members of the Nigerian Police.

In light of recent protests against police brutality and particularly against the notorious Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Nigerian Police, several notable personalities have spoken up against the injustice and shown solidarity with protesters.

Most recently, Pastor Paul Adefarasin spoke on the current situation in a Sunday service where he encouraged members of House On The Rock to lend their voices to the cause and not stay silent.

He also took to his Instagram to post some words of encouragement from his church’s official release :

Beginning with the clamour to #EndSARS, the subsequent demand for justice erupting from our young people in response to years of profiling, bullying, extortion and sheer brutality by a rogue element of our law enforcement, is an unassailable cry, signalling the need for sweeping reforms in policing in Nigeria. It must not be ignored nor quelled or dismissed.

Our hearts go out with condolences to all the bereaved and grieved who have suffered losses amidst the incursion of the unscrupulous dissidents into our justice system.

While the cause of the protests is disheartening, the resounding call of our young people for equitable rule of law, is one that is echoed globally, and is welcome here at home because it shows that Nigerian youth have now found their unified voice and are using it to seek positive change in our polity.

May I suggest that our young people organise and select representatives who are able to articulate their concerns effectively and engage the government in productive dialogue.

In the meantime, we will not cease to pray for our nation Nigeria and declare that God’s perfect will be done in our land.

We speak healing, redemption and restoration to our nation and all her people, declaring that by the inimitable power of the Almighty God, there will be wisdom and righteousness in the halls of our government and in the corridors of power; that there will be justice and equity in our streets, safety and security across our land; and peace and prosperity in our country with grace in our hearts for the repairing of the brotherhood of all Nigerians.

This we earnestly pray in Jesus name.

God bless Nigeria – one and all! 🇳🇬



A short video clip summarizing the message from that sermon, is available below:

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