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THANK YOU + Lyrics – An amazing song | grateful heart | Oye Banks

Thank you - Oye Banks Ft. Mayo Banks

Prepare to be moved by the uplifting sounds of Oye Banks, a remarkable worship leader, music minister, and prolific songwriter hailing from Germany. In a harmonious collaboration with the talented Mayo Banks, Oye Banks presents a soul-stirring single titled “Thank You.” The song, expertly produced by the renowned Williams Fiddie, serves as a heartfelt expression of gratitude to God for His boundless blessings and unwavering presence.

The song resonates deeply with its powerful message of appreciation, reminding listeners of the importance of acknowledging God’s faithfulness in every season of life. In a world fraught with trials and tribulations, the song draws inspiration from biblical teachings, urging believers to cultivate a heart of gratitude, for God has already overcome the challenges we face.

The lyrics of this song echo the timeless wisdom of Psalm 100:4, which implores us to approach God with a password of gratitude: “Enter with the password: ‘Thank you!’ Make yourselves at home, talking praise. Thank him. Worship him” (MSG). Oye Banks beautifully encapsulates this message, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of praise and thanksgiving, honoring the One who deserves all adoration.

With its infectious melodies and heartfelt vocals, “Thank You” is a song that transcends barriers of language and culture, uniting believers from all walks of life in a collective expression of gratitude. Oye Banks and Mayo Banks deliver a mesmerizing performance, their voices intertwining seamlessly to create a harmonious blend that uplifts the spirit and stirs the soul.

As you listen to this song allow the powerful lyrics to resonate within you, drawing you closer to a deeper appreciation of God’s goodness. Let it serve as a reminder to acknowledge His faithfulness in every aspect of your life, finding solace and strength in the knowledge that He is always with you.

Oye Banks continues to establish himself as a remarkable force in the world of worship music, and this song stands as a testament to his exceptional talent and unwavering devotion to his craft. Through this heartfelt offering, he encourages listeners to cultivate a lifestyle of gratitude, allowing the transformative power of thanksgiving to permeate every area of their lives.

In a world that often overlooks the significance of gratitude, this song serves as a poignant reminder to pause, reflect, and offer sincere appreciation to the One who has blessed us abundantly. Let the melodies of this captivating single wash over you, igniting a renewed sense of gratitude and fostering a deeper connection with the divine.

Watch Thank You by Oye Banks ft. Mayo Banks

Thank You by Oye Banks ft. Mayo Banks

Oye Banks, a remarkable worship leader, singer, songwriter, pastor, and dedicated teacher of God’s word. With over 25 years of active ministry experience, he exemplifies humility and an unwavering love for God. Join him on social media and his YouTube channel for uplifting music and ministry updates. Stay inspired!

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Song Lyrics:

Verse 1:
For everything you’ve done
we say thank you
for battles, you have won
we say thank you for giving us your son
we say that you-we just want to say thank you.

Thank You(2x)
for everything you have
done we say thank you(2x)

Verse 2:
Through trials tribulations
we say thank You-we fall and
yet we rise we say thank you
for your blood that you shed on calvary
we’ve come with a grateful heart
just to give you thanks
lift your voice and say

For your love – Thank You
For your joy – Thank you
For your peace – Thank you
For all you’ve done and
all you will do we say thank you(2x)
Come on everybody lift your voice and exalt Him.

For all you’ve done and all you will do(3x)
For everything you’ve done I thank you
for your tender mercies and your loving kindness
giving me life giving me breath giving me hope

For waking me up this morning
putting food on my table
for snatching me out of the hands of the enemy
we say thank you Lord…
We say thank you.

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