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The Greatest Conquering Power – An Epic sound now available || Tunde_Lasode

Tunde Lasode (tLas): Unveiling “The Greatest Conquering Power”

Introduction :

In the realm of gospel music, there are artists who simply sing songs, and then there are those who channel divine inspiration to craft musical experiences that touch the soul and elevate the spirit. Tunde Lasode, affectionately known as tLas, undeniably belongs to the latter category. Based in the United States, this gifted gospel music artist has recently dropped a groundbreaking track titled “The Greatest Conquering Power” (TGCP).

The Genesis of “The Greatest Conquering Power” :

At the heart of this musical masterpiece lies a transformational journey. “The Greatest Conquering Power” is a translation of the timeless Nigerian classic, “Kò s’ágbá ra tó dà bi ti Jésù.” Inspired by the Holy Spirit, tLas embarked on the mission to translate this powerful Yoruba hymn into multiple languages, including Spanish, Romanian, and Italian, with more translations on the horizon. This endeavor is more than music; it’s a testament to the transcendent power of spirituality through song.

A Healing Melody :

Tunde Lasode’s musical journey is deeply personal. As a registered nurse in Northern California, he witnessed firsthand the healing power of music therapy, an experience that ignited his passion for gospel music. He knows the divine healing power of God through his music sessions and aims to spotlight Christ’s transformative influence on our lives. His debut gospel instrumental album, “Audience of One,” released in 2022, is a testament to this newfound mission. Through his saxophone, he seeks to bring healing, deliverance, and the message of the gospel to a world in need.

Preserving Spiritual Treasures :

Tunde Lasode’s music journey is also about preserving the spiritual treasures of his youth. He fondly recalls the profound impact of spiritual songs that are slowly fading from memory due to the evolving musical landscape. With a divine calling, he’s set out to breathe new life into these classics. Songs like “Ko sagbara to da bi ti Jesu” and “We bless you, Lord, you are holy” are reborn with a unique and eclectic sound, often infused with African influences. Through these reinventions, he ensures that the rich spiritual heritage of these songs endures for generations to come.

Stay Tuned for the Divine :

Tunde Lasode, or tLas, invites you to join him on this spiritual journey. Follow him on social media and subscribe to his YouTube channel to stay updated on his music and ministry. With “The Greatest Conquering Power” and his ongoing mission to revive spiritual classics, tLas continues to be a conduit for divine inspiration and a beacon of hope in the world of gospel music.

In a world where music often transcends mere entertainment, tLas reminds us that it can also be a transformative and healing force, a testament to the enduring power of faith and spirituality. Through his music, he invites us all to experience “The Greatest Conquering Power” that transcends the ordinary and elevates the soul.

Watch “Amazing God (Live)” Music Video Below;

The Greatest Conquering Power (TGCP) – Tunde Lasode (TLas)

Download Mp3:

Music Lyrics:

There is no pow’r, none li-ike Je-sus’ pow’r
There is no pow’r, none like my fa-ther’s pow’r
There is no pow’r, none like my sa-vior’s pow’r
The pow’r, the pow’r, the greatest conquering pow’r

Jesus you’re my savior, by your grace I’m free
Jesus you’re my healer, by your stripes I’m healed
Jesus you have mended, every broken heart
Jesus you’re my deliverer, every chain is broken    

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Written by Bright Chibuzo

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