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The ‘Rituals’ & ‘Secrets’ behind Answers to Prayer

The aim of writing this is to open our eyes that we may understand the meaning of Humans as Beings created in the image of God, and knowing the ‘Rituals’ and ‘Secrets’ behind answers to Prayer.

To start with, if you want to learn how to build an airplane that will revolutionize the world, you go to the united states of America to learn it, because the US invented the aircraft, hence, they have the secret ingredient.

If you want to learn how to make the best automobile, you go to Germany and learn, because they invented the automobile.

Yes, you can learn how to make both an airplane and an automobile from other countries because the original inventors have the secrets, and it wasn’t a coincidence that God provided these countries with the wisdom and knowledge to invent airplane and automobile.

With this illustration in mind, one will not be confused when we say that the knowledge of the Almighty God and the worship of the Most-High God as well as the idea of monotheism originated from Israel.

In fact, the divine book called the Bible originated from Israel. And it will not be erroneous to say that Godly spirituality originated from Israel. So, to learn this spirituality, you go to Israel.

This does not necessarily mean you have to travel to Israel; it means you should learn how the Israelites have been doing it.

The scriptures are replete with information on the lives and times of the Israelites.

How God led them out of Egypt with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm, how God performed so many miracles for them and how God answered their prayers quickly in so many situations, as well as the various rituals they performed to get quick answers to prayers.

In this article, we are going to pick some of these biblical events where God gave quick answers to people’s prayers and delve deep into the situations to understand the secrets behind quick answers to prayers and how to use them in our lives.

What is This Ritual?

The word ritual sounds very unconformable to the ears. It sounds barbaric, ominous and demonic.

Well, that’s because there are barbaric and demonic rituals that truly exist; rituals that are being practiced by so many secret societies and demonic cliques.

However, the word ritual simply means “repeated set of actions.” There are rules to everything. Take for example, cooking a particular type of food has a method, this method includes having the recipe.

So, to obtain that particular type of food anytime, you must repeat the processes in the method using the recipe and you will get what you want. Same thing is applicable to everything. There are laws governing everything.

When you keep to the tenets of those laws, you get the benefits for which the law was given.

As the title of the article implies, we believe readers will expect to hear things like: “if you want to be successful in your business, buy this material and this material and that material, then mix this material with that, then when you pray, you say this seven times and say this seven times then do this and this will happen”.

Well, the truth is that some of such actions were carried out in the scriptures and results were realized.

For example, before the Israelites left Egypt and prior to the last plague, God commanded the Israelites to do the following:
  1. Take a one-year-old lamb for each family and keep on the 10th day of the month of Nissan or Abib
  2. Keep the lamb for three days
  3. Slaughter the lamb on the 14th day at twilight
  4. Put the blood of the lamb at the door post
  5. Eat the meat roasted with bitter herbs and unleavened bread
  6. Do not eat it boiled or raw and do not break the bones
  7. Do not leave any of it till morning, if any remains till morning, burn it
  8. Eat it with your cloak tucked into your belt, your sandal on your feet and you staff in your hand. You can find these instructions in the book of Exodus 12: 1- 11.

The Israelites followed the ritual to the letter and got the desired result. However, this kind of ritual is conditional, because if you miss any step, the result of the action might not be realized.

Had anyone deviated from the ritual among the Israelites, the result of the action would not have been realized by that person.

For example, in the book of Joshua chapter 7, we saw that the Israelites were defeated in battle against Ai because they failed to adhere to the ritual of war that God gave them.

Achan took some of the spoils of war that he wasn’t meant to take and that ruined the whole ritual.

Sometimes, some rituals can be dangerous, in the sense that the result you get when you fail to go by the stipulated rules tend to be severe than if you had not carried out the ritual in the first place.

The ritual we intend to teach here goes beyond this. We shall delve into the principles behind these action rituals. i.e. what actually is being achieved spiritually by those actions to obtain the desired results.

We shall take various prayer points one after another.

Quick answer to prayer on how to get rich quick

The one unique principle that exists is that the solution to a problem lies within the problem. This is a fact that only a few is aware of. Do you know that the solution to your financial problem still lies on the problem?

Let me explain with a proof. In the book of Exodus 15:23, when Moses led the Israelites from the Red Sea into the desert of Shur, they came to the waters of Mara, but they couldn’t drink its water because the water was bitter.

The Israelites grumbled against Moses for lack of water and Moses prayed to God. At that moment, God showed him a piece of wood which he threw into the water and the water became fit for drinking.

At least three lessons can be gleaned from this event:
  1. Every problem has a solution.
  2. The solution to a problem lies within it, if not close to it.
  3. Sometimes prayer alone does not bring solution, action is needed.

Once you realize that no matter how severe the problem is, that there is a solution, then your salvation is on the way. Your awareness of this builds up hope and the strength to carry on and keep fighting.

Again, who could have told the Israelites that the material that has the chemical properties to purify the bitter water is just right beside the water?

Sometimes we only need to pause and ponder, doing this gives you a clear mindset to think reasonably. Within the problem always lies the solution, oh yes! The solution is not far from the problem.

All you need to do is to eschew fear and agitation. Let me tell you something, “once fear creeps in, all your experiences, knowledge and energy freeze out”. At this point, you will automatically become dumb and powerless.

However, if you are able to muster courage and make inquiries, then you will find out that the solution to the problem is just near like the piece of wood. All you need to do is to pick it up and throw it into the water like Moses did.

Again, sometimes it is not all about prayer, you need action. It wouldn’t be a difficult task for God to cause the water to become fit to drink, instead, He decided to involve man’s action. My brother, my sister, you need to go out there and get something doing to make money.

Okay, back to what we were saying about the solution to a problem being close to the problem. If you are having financial struggle and you are praying for financial breakthrough, my brother, my sister, the ritual to get quick answer to this prayer is “giving to charity”.

Do you know why the Jewish people tend to be very rich, it’s because they have made giving to charity a ritual. Do you know that a typical Jewish man gives charity every morning after praying?

He/she puts the money into a box called Tzadakkah box in the Synagogue or at home.

At the end of the week, the monies will be accumulated and sent to families that do not have enough fund to prepare for sabbath or it will be used to buy food supplies and send to families that do not have enough items for the sabbath day.

Is this not amazing? And like I said, it’s a ritual because they do it every day except on sabbath days.

Giving to charity is the number one means of becoming financially okay. It is mystical and you can make it a ritual. It is a ritual used in making quick money.

Why? Because God uses you that is giving to charity to take care of others to keep the world going. If He fails to give you the money, many will starve. So, you left God no option than to give you more money because you will use it to take care of His children.

In fact, in many places in the scriptures, God commanded us to give to the poor so that we can get richer; the ritual is already stated.

To confirm to you that giving to charity is the only ritual dedicated for getting rich, God categorically created a law of charity in disguise called Tithing, or giving of tithe. Because it is expected of you to do always, it is a ritual.

In Malachi 3:10, God said “Test me with giving your tithe and see if I will not open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.” Like seriously??? WOW!!

Now, not only that, when you have brought a particular tithe before God, there is a particular prayer you say, and it goes this way 

“ then say to the Lord: I have removed from my house the sacred portion…I have obeyed the Lord my God… look down from heaven your dwelling place and bless your people 

Deuteronomy 26:12-15.

So, anytime you give tithe and charity, back it up with prayers and you will get a quick answer. Always remember “givers never lack.”

Another clear story in the scriptures about giving alms and its benefits can be found in the book of 1st king 17:7-15, the encounter between Elijah and the widow at Zarephat.

Elijah performed a miracle for the poor widow. But before the miracle could happen, Elijah asked the woman to first prepare bread for him first.

It was only after the woman must have prepared the bread for Elijah that any miracle could happen. It was only then that a quick response to Elijah’s prayer took effect.

Yes, I believe that Elijah must have prayed for her to get a miracle, but being a prophet, he must have received a message from the Lord that the only way the woman could get a quick miracle is by her giving first.

The fact is that there are laws that govern everything in the universe. The law of receiving works hand-in-hand with the law of giving. If you give you receive, there is no ritual for financial breakthrough greater than that.

The art of receiving lies in giving, the more you give, the more you receive. Sometimes, you don’t even need to pray for financial breakthrough, by just giving, you will be receiving. It’s a natural law. Give and you will always receive.

Nonetheless, there is this assertion that one should be careful to whom they offer alms so that the person will not use it against them, hmm. Such believe is laughable.

We have to get this clear that when you sincerely help someone and end up landing yourself into trouble, it is not an indication that your good act brought misfortune to you.

As a matter of fact, it could be your good act that made the misfortune less severe.

We have to understand and imbibe the fact that, God in heaven who asked us to do good will not reward you evil for good, if God does that, it means that He has undermined His credibility as the just God.

In fact, we should be thankful that it was the period we did righteousness that misfortune came. Perhaps, our little charity will alleviate the misfortune. Imaging how severe it will be if misfortune befalls you at a moment you are committing sin.

Sometimes what we perceive as a bad thing happening to us is actually the best that could happen to us at the moment. If only the creator could open our spiritual eyes to see what is going on in the spiritual realm, we will only be shouting halleluiah.

 So, keep being kind and generous for nothing bad will ever come out of it, only good things. However, in as much as the statement above is true, always apply wisdom in all you do.

Quick answer to prayer on how to get quick healing

Nothing feels good as when you are sick you just say a little prayer and boom! you begin to feel better. It is possible to attain such merit of having quick response to prayer for healing.

But to be accorded this merit, you have to earn it before now. Apart from grace which can turn things around in a split of a second, you can build your own grace beforehand.

There is one thing we all must know, that is: whatever you sow in life, that you will reap. If you sow righteousness, that you will reap. And sometimes, some of our good deeds serve as merit for us in the future.

There are several places in the scriptures where people got favoured or their families got favoured for their earlier actions.

A typical example that hammers directly to health and healing is that of King Hezekiah.

In the book of 2nd Kings 20:1-6, king Hezekiah was sick and at the point of death. This same period, Isaiah the prophet came to him and told him that God said he would die; hence, he should put his house in order.

After this message, Isaiah left him. But king Hezekiah immediately turned to God in prayer and reminded God his (Hezekiah’s) good works.

Just before Isaiah had gone out of middle of the court, God called him and told him to go and tell King Hezekiah that He had heard his prayer, that he will not die. God then added extra fifteen years to the life of king Hezekiah.

This passage is a historical example of quick answer to prayer for healing in the bible. Hezekiah was able to get such a merit of having quick answer to prayer because he had done some good deeds in the past.

Those good deeds were his ritual for healing.

The big question now is, what was this ritual? Well, we will answer this question from another portion of the bible.

14 During wheat harvest, Reuben went out into the fields and found some mandrake plants, which he brought to his mother Leah. Rachel said to Leah, “Please give me some of your son’s mandrakes.”

15 But she said to her, “Wasn’t it enough that you took away my husband? Will you take my son’s mandrakes too?”

“Very well,” Rachel said, “he can sleep with you tonight in return for your son’s mandrakes.”

16 So when Jacob came in from the fields that evening, Leah went out to meet him. “You must sleep with me,” she said. “I have hired you with my son’s mandrakes.” So, he slept with her that night.

17 God listened to Leah, and she became pregnant and bore Jacob a fifth son. 18 Then Leah said, “God has rewarded me for giving my servant to my husband.” So, she named him Issachar

Genesis 30:14-18

Now you will ask, how does this passage relate to the matter at hand? Relax! Read on. We all know the story of Rachel and Leah, the two sisters that were married to Jacob.

Jacob loved Rachel more than Leah, and for this God made Rachel barren and made Leah fruitful.

However, one day, Reuben the son of Leah got mandrakes; now, in case you don’t know, mandrake is a herb that helps to improve fertility. So, because Rachel was barren, she demanded the mandrake from Reuben.

Leah protested but later agreed to give the mandrake to her sister that has not conceived so she can conceive. In return Rachel agreed to allow her sleep with Jacob their husband.

Leah was so happy about this because Jacob had stopped lying with her because of Rachel.

Now, it happened that for just that one-night Leah took in and had another son Issachar. It was after some time that Rachel was able to take in. We would understand that Leah already had kids. She wanted more.

Now, having the mandrake could improve her ability to take in, yet she decided to relinquish it to her sister who had not gotten not even one child. Yes, she got the opportunity to sleep with her husband.

However, with the mandrake, her chances of taking in will be high from a medical point of view, but by putting her sister’s interest before herself, God blessed her with an additional son even before her sister could take in the first time.

Tentatively, we can say that Leah got a miracle and quick answer to prayer by praying for her sister first. When we put others before us, God puts us before others.

When we pray for others first, our own prayers are answered first. 

When we pray and visit the sick ones first, God quickly answers our prayers for healing. That my people, is the number one ritual for getting quick answer to prayer for healing.

When we support the sick and contribute to their treatment, we are creating a healing miracle for ourselves, it will manifest when we are sick. You can never be stranded if you are kind to others.

So, if you have someone sick, or you yourself is sick, forget about your own problem for a moment and take care of other people’s problem. The way solution will come to you when you do so will be beyond your imagination.

That is the ritual. Do this and your life will never remain the same. Learn to visit the sick and always contribute to the treatment of others. Those are the rituals to get a quick answer to prayer for healing.

 God bless you all for ever and ever. Amen and amen.


Written by Victor Ekong

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