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The Truth Of The Gospel: The Accurate Message You Should Know.


Suzette Osageahede 


Some ideas come to mind when the word, “The Gospel” is mentioned. The Bible or a church building easily come to mind.

However, when we look deeper, with the lens of God’s Wisdom; the Holy Spirit, we see the Gospel as; the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes. {Romans 1:16}.

The Gospel, or the Good News as it is also called, unveils a continual revelation of God’s righteousness–perfect righteousness given to us when we believe. A righteousness that is by faith from first to last, confirming what Scripture has said all along; “The righteous will live by faith.” {Romans 1:17}.

God’s approval is revealed in this gospel. The gospel tells us how God accepts everyone who has faith. Everyone who believes has God’s approval through faith in Jesus Christ. If you declare that Jesus is Lord, and believe that God brought Him back to life, you will be saved. By believing you receive God’s approval and by declaring your faith, you are saved. {Romans 10:9-11}.

The Gospel is about God’s Son. During His earthly life, He was born into King David’s family line and He was shown to be the Son of God when He was raised from the Dead by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 1: 4)

He is Jesus Christ our Lord. Through Christ, God has given us the generous gift of eternal life, privilege, and authority. In their day, the apostles told people from all countries what God had done for them so that they will believe also and obey Him, bringing glory to His name.

Open Bible on a wood floor with the gospel according to John.

The gospel is a gift to everyone by an act of kindness {Grace} through the price Christ Jesus paid to set us free from sin. The Gospel is not reserved for certain people as some cynics would lead us to believe. The gospel is a gift, one that costs blood, tears, and sweat. A gift that is based on love. A love underserved, unmerited yet poured out in abundance. God loved the people of the world so much that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. {john 3:16}.

There is a great commission that has been given concerning the gospel and that commission is to; Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. {Mark 16:15}.

We were saved to be a channel to save others. God created you on purpose and for His mission of redemption. When we look at the world, it is possible to see only chaos and unrest. But when God looks at the world, He sees a bountiful harvest of souls. As believers, we are honored to be Laborer’s in this field and as such, uniquely equipped to be a part of God’s mission.

A saying goes, ” when you see a good thing, don’t hoard it.” The same can be said of the Gospel, when you receive it, don’t hoard it. Share it.

About Suzette

Osageahede Suzette Ifeoma Chrisometha is a writer who loves to spend time digging through God’s word and sourcing for hidden treasures in the bible. As a  God-enthusiast, she loves to talk about the things that concern Abba than any other. she’s also a screenwriter, storyteller, and content creator. when she’s not studying or writing, she spends her free time watching movies or filling her dairy.

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