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What’s Your Fashion Statement?

Ankara gown

Ladies stop using your hard earned money to buy insults for yourself. You’re smarter than that biko. It baffles me when people who go through a lot of humiliating situations just to earn a living, spend the same resources on things that will bring them more humiliation.

So, yesterday on my way home from work, I saw this lady at the computer village in Ikeja walking in front of me. I noticed that almost everyone that passed by looked at her somehow.

In fact, some guys started touching her while others were pulling her around, guys threw embarrassing words at her simply because of the way she was dressed.

This lady almost pushed me down in a bid to get away from the guys that were touching her, thank God she pushed me because it opened the door for me to advise her.

I know that some of our male counterparts need to learn how to mind their own business, but we ladies should also understand that sometimes we are the ones who open the door for these guys to insult us.

The saying that the way you dress is the way you will be addressed is ageless and as such applies to every generation including you; hence if you want to be respected, then dress respectfully.

You don’t have to walk half naked or masquerade your face with too much make-up to prove that you’re beautiful. You can be well covered up and still look stunning and elegant.

Be Wise.

Ankara gown

Written By Ugoma Johnson.

Written by Ugoma Johnson

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