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Winners Chapel set to celebrate 40th Anniversary

Living Faith Church Worldwide aka Winners Chapel is set to Marks It’s 40th anniversary on May 2021.

The beginnings of the church manifested on May 1, 1981, when Oyedepo (aged 26) had a spiritual encounter while lodging in one of the rooms within ‘International Hotel’ located in the Omi- Asoro Quarters of Ilesa city, in the present day Osun State of Nigeria. 

Bishop David Oyedepo had an eighteen-hour supernatural encounter which was a vision from God. And God spoke to him saying,

“Now the hour has come to liberate the world from all oppressions of the devil, through the preaching of the Word of faith; and I am sending you to undertake this task”. 

In 1983, the church began operating with four members on December 11.

Canaanland was procured in 1998 and was initially 560 acres (2.3 km2), it is in Ota, Ogun, Nigeria.

The church’s international headquarters, Faith Tabernacle, was built in Cannanland between 1998 and 1999, taking twelve months to complete. 

The foundation laying took place on August 29, 1998.

In 1999, the Faith Tabernacle was inaugurated with 50,400 seats. 

On Dec 11 2013, Oyedepo’s first son, David Oyedepo Jnr, ministered for the first time at the church’s annual Shiloh gathering.

In December 2015, Oyedepo Jnr became the resident pastor of the Faith Tabernacle.

First announced in late 2015 as the “Faith Theatre”, the 100,000 seat stadium-like project was officially retitled as “The Ark”, unveiled at the church.

Sited on about a 1000 hectares of land (the site of the old Faith Academy compound), within the vast premises of the current church building, the Ark will specifically accommodate 106,000 seats and will include a 24 Floor Mission Tower (International Headquarters Facility) made up of 2 twin towers of 12 floors each.

Upon completion, the existing 50,000 seater Faith Tabernacle will serve as an overflow facility. The construction of the facility was official flagged off at a special ground breaking ceremony on Thursday, 25th March 2021.

Bishop D. O. Oyedepo unveils God’s agenda for the forth coming event:

“Recently, I was before the Lord asking, Lord Jesus, what is your agenda for this forth coming prophetic event? Then the Spirit of God began to say:

  • It shall be a celebration of the validity of the Liberation Mandate.
  • It shall be reenacting the Liberation Mandate at this event.
  • I shall be wiping away tears from off all faces – Isa. 25:6-8
  • I shall be turning the mourning of many into dancing p- Psa. 31:5
  • I shall be bringing the struggles of many to a final end – Matt. 11:28-29
  • Many men and women that are childless shall be turned to joyful fathers and mothers of nation – Rom. 4:17-21.
  • Many besieged destinies shall be released like a dream of the night – Psa. 126:1
  • Many captives shall be turned into celebrities after the order of Joseph – Psa. 102:17-19
  • It shall be a platform for our prophetic entry into our promised land both as a Commission and as individuals.
  • This prophetic event shall be like 40 Shilohs put together in impact.
  • What! Looking back at the growing impact of Shiloh over the years and to now have a prophetic event that will be like 40 Shilohs put together, definitely requires every Winner’s attention.
  • Taking a week-long break to drink into the fountain of the Liberation Mandate at the 40th anniversary is more than worth it.
  • Yes, we shall worship, we shall praise, we shall celebrate but we shall not loose focus of God’s agenda for this prophetic event.
  • We must all be on the look out for a raw reenactment of the Liberation Mandate at this prophetic event because everyone’s turnaround package ordained for the year shall be fully delivered.
  • For this reason, we are all admonished to prepare to meet our God as individuals in this highly prophetic event.
  • We shall be having Hour of Visitation teaching sessions in the morning and Encounter Nights in the evening, among others.
  • The events opens with a Special Thanksgiving on Sunday May 2nd for the faithfulness of God in watching over the Liberation Mandate and confirming His words in our midst over and again for the past 40 years.
  • It shall also conclude with a Special Thanksgiving service on Sunday May 9, 2021 for diverse encounters granted everyone of us in the course of this ‘most memorable prophetic event’.

Looking forward to seeing you at this prophetic event of the Commission.

Remain ever blessed in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Jesus is Lord!

David O. Oyedepo”

Watch Video Bellow:

Written by Victor Ekong

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