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You Are Able – Beautiful sound from the fantastic minister Anyi

Anyi - You are Able

Title: “Miracle-Working Music: Anyi’s Inspirational Journey with ‘Onye Olu Ebube Dalu'”

In the world of music, there are artists who sing for the sheer joy of it, and then there are those whose music carries a deeper purpose, a spiritual resonance that goes beyond mere entertainment. Anyi is one such artist, a gospel musician who uses his talent to share the message of faith and gratitude. His latest release, “Onye Olu Ebube Dalu,” not only showcases his musical versatility but also his profound connection to the divine.

A Journey of Divine Intervention

In life, we all face challenging moments, where it feels like the walls are closing in, and the path forward is obscured. Anyi, in a reflection on his own experiences, notes, “God has come through for me in very simple, yet complex fashions. I’m stuck sometimes, wondering what to do next after all efforts to get a turn around, then all of a sudden, ‘boom’…an idea, a call, a text, that stirs a complete change.”

The words resonate with the unexplainable miracles that occur when we least expect them, a reminder that divine intervention can manifest itself in the most unexpected ways. “Onye Olu Ebube Dalu” is a testimony to these moments of miraculous transformation, offering a musical expression of gratitude and awe for the profound and often subtle ways God works in our lives.

The Musical Journey of Anyi

Anyi’s music is a fusion of genres, a captivating blend of Rock, Soul, Afro, and Pop. He brings this diverse musical palette to his gospel songs, creating a sound that’s both dynamic and spiritually uplifting. With heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies, he aims to connect with his audience on a spiritual level, delivering a message of hope, faith, and the power of divine grace.

Beyond his music career, Anyi leads a multifaceted life. He is a Biomedical Scientist and a dedicated Public Health professional, demonstrating his commitment to the well-being of others. In addition to his scientific pursuits, he serves in the musical department of CGMI Church Unusual as the Assistant Music Director, where he helps to inspire and uplift the congregation through the power of music.

Family and Gratitude

Anyi’s personal life is a testament to the blessings that flow from faith and gratitude. He is a loving husband to his wife, Eugenia, and together, they are raising three beautiful children. This strong family unit provides the foundation for Anyi’s music, as he draws inspiration from his experiences and the profound love he feels for his family.

“Onye Olu Ebube Dalu,” with its soul-stirring lyrics and captivating melody, is more than just a song. It’s a heartfelt thanksgiving, a musical expression of gratitude for the many miracles and blessings that have graced Anyi’s life. The title itself, “Onye Olu Ebube Dalu,” translates to “Miracle Worker, Thank You” in Igbo, a Nigerian language. This track not only celebrates the miracles in Anyi’s life but also serves as an anthem for all who listen, reminding them to reflect on their own moments of divine intervention and express their gratitude.


In a world often filled with chaos and uncertainty, music has the power to touch the deepest parts of our souls and remind us of the divine presence in our lives. Anyi’s “Onye Olu Ebube Dalu” is a testament to the beauty of gospel music that transcends genres and speaks directly to the heart. As you listen to this moving track, take a moment to reflect on the miracles in your own life and join Anyi in saying, “Miracle Worker, Thank You.” Anyi’s music carries a message of hope and a powerful reminder that, no matter the circumstances, God is able to bring us out of any situation.

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Download Mp3: “Amazing God (Live)

Music Lyrics:

You are Able


God of miracles

God of possibilities

Water Walker, You never fail

God of Wonders

In You no impossibilities

You’re Way Maker

You never fail


All the failures disappear

Darkness and diseases fade away


You are able

You’re more than able

You never fail me no

You never fail me no, no

Look what You’ve done

Look what You’ve done

Onye Olu Ebube dalu o (God of wonders thank you)

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Written by Bright Chibuzo

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