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YOU ARE IN ME – Beautiful & epic sound || Dare_Mic

You are in me - Dare Mic

“You Are in Me”: A Melodic Journey into Divine Beauty and Love

In the realm of gospel music, there are compositions that stand as radiant beacons of spiritual inspiration, and “You Are in Me” by AKINOLA OLUWATOSIN DARE, widely known as Dare Mic, is undoubtedly one such masterpiece. This melodious song transcends the boundaries of sound, delving deep into the essence of God’s beauty, love, and His manifest presence in the life of a believer.

Dare Mic, a name synonymous with powerful sound that amplifies the voice of Heaven in the world, has crafted a musical gem that resonates with the hearts of the faithful. With a voice that carries the weight of divine revelation, Dare Mic’s artistry is a testament to the profound connection between music and spirituality.

The direction of this musical journey is skillfully charted by the gifted music director, Chinonso Valentine Anyanwu, popularly known as Nollykeys. Under his guidance, “You Are in Me” takes on a life of its own, weaving together intricate harmonies and melodies that transport listeners into a realm of worship and adoration.

The sonic landscape of this song is brought to life through the expert recording and mixing prowess of Dkel’s Music Production, based in Enugu State, Nigeria. Every note, every chord, and every vocal nuance is meticulously captured, allowing the listener to experience the full depth of emotion and devotion that “You Are in Me” encapsulates.

But “You Are in Me” is more than just a musical composition; it’s a testament to the passion and dedication of Dare Mic, who is not just a singer but a true worship leader. His desire to be a blessing to his generation shines through in every lyric and note. With a heart overflowing with love for God and a profound understanding of the power of music, Dare Mic is on a mission to inspire lives and touch souls through revelational music that carries the beauty of Heaven.

In a world where the cacophony of life often drowns out the whispers of the divine, “You Are in Me” serves as a gentle reminder of God’s abiding presence and unfailing love. It’s a song that beckons you to pause, reflect, and bask in the beauty of a Creator who dwells within us.

As you listen to “You Are in Me,” let the melodies wash over you, let the lyrics resonate in your heart, and let the love of God, beautifully expressed through this song, remind you that you are never alone. Dare Mic’s artistry and passion are a testament to the enduring power of gospel music to touch our souls and draw us closer to the divine.

Watch “You are in me” Music Video Below;

You are in me by Dare Mic

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Music Lyrics:


You shimmer like the moon
Sparkle like the star
Shining like the sun during the day.
You ruling my world
Brighten up my life
You lift up my soul o yeah o yeah


You dey live inside my heart
You dey live inside soul
You dey live heart o o o God


You are in me

Connect with Dare Mic:

Facebook: @Dare Akd Akinola

Written by Bright Chibuzo

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