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Your Grace – Beautiful spirit filled tune by Mireille Lasme

Mireille Lasme - Your Grace

Your Grace [Music] by Mireille Lasme

In the tapestry of gospel music, there are voices that not only sing but also embody the essence of devotion and resilience. Mireille Lasme, a multifaceted artist, pastor, and mother of three beautiful children, stands as a shining testament to this truth. A prominent figure not just in the world of melodies, but also as an executive in trade finance, Mireille wears many hats with grace. However, her most profound role is that of a co-founder of the Church of God’s Love (Églises Amour de Dieu), a spiritual haven headquartered in the heart of France.

Complementing her life partner, Pastor Andre Lasme, who oversees a vast international ministry encompassing over 18 churches, Mireille has etched her journey with Christ over the last decade. Her debut steps as an author and composer were taken with a heart pulsating with unwavering faith.

Mireille Lasme’s compositions are more than just musical notes; they are profound testimonies etched in melodies. They echo the resounding truth that faithful companionship with God can transmute trials and challenges into victories. Her music is a radiant manifestation of the belief that through God, all things are achievable for those who hold steadfast in faith.

The anticipation mounts as Mireille readies to release her soul-stirring single, “YOUR GRACE.” In her own words, “As I reflect on my journey with Christ, my soul overflows with gratitude for one resounding word: ‘Grace.’ Indeed, I marvel at the thought, ‘Where would I be…’ if it weren’t for your boundless grace, O Lord.”

“YOUR GRACE” isn’t just a song; it’s an enchanting narrative that unveils the depth of God’s immeasurable love for humanity. It’s a luminary presence that guides us through life’s darkest trials and most exultant victories, assuring us that we’re never alone.

But that’s not all. Mireille’s musical journey takes a grand stride as she prepares to unveil her much-anticipated album, “YOU ARE HERE.” The project, a labor of love and devotion, has been meticulously crafted and is poised to touch hearts in ways unimaginable. The album is a testament to her unwavering dedication and passion for sharing the message of God’s love through her music.

Behind the production curtains stands the maestro, Manus Akpanke, a celebrated music producer known for weaving sonic magic. His expertise promises to elevate Mireille’s melodies, creating a harmonious tapestry that resonates with the soul.

Through her lyrics, Mireille weaves the promise that in times of trials, in moments of despair, and in the throes of joy, God’s presence remains steadfast. “You are here with me,” her song declares, a proclamation that becomes an anchor during life’s tempests.

With the release of “YOUR GRACE,” Mireille Lasme not only offers a glimpse of her forthcoming album “YOU ARE HERE,” scheduled to grace our ears in September 2023, but also extends an invitation to immerse ourselves in the beauty of her music. Her song encapsulates the truth that trials are mere stepping stones to blessings, and within them reside the powerful stories we carry as testimonies.

As we embrace the resounding chorus of “Your Grace” and let its message cascade over our souls, let us remember that God’s presence is an unwavering constant. With every note, Mireille beckons us to persevere, to hold firm to our faith, for in doing so, we unlock the wonders that the future holds.

As we await the full symphony of “YOU ARE HERE,” let us be enveloped by the grace that Mireille Lasme’s music brings, a grace that guides, uplifts, and assures us that our journey is under the divine spotlight of a loving Creator.

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Written by Bright Chibuzo

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