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Article: ORDINARY Men – Francis Arihilam[@arihilam]

I was at the Elevation church Lekki sometime ago listening to the wife of the senior pastor ( Godman Akinlabi ) and one thing she said resonated with a philosophy I hold so dear. She narrated how God had saved her from a potential damage, she was dating this Christian bro and one day they were in the car and a good melody was coming from the stereo and she sang along. I can’t exactly remember what the song was about but it had a line that said “ordinary guy” and the sweet young man gave himself away by saying “I can’t bring myself to sing this song because I’m not just an ordinary guy.”

It got her thinking …. That simple word was the game changer. She saw a potential issue that would cause a fatal damage, that was pride going somewhere to happen and humility was a big deal for her.

I have said before that there is nothing like a man’s ego.

While listening to Cobhams’ “ordinary people” this line ‘No ordinary father will come home after 3am’ caught my attention. Who is an ordinary man? He is the man that can do house chores when his wife is sleeping or not engaged. We often think that the man should help when the woman is busy with something else. An ordinary guy can carry a hand bag in a public place not because it’s too heavy for the lady. An ordinary guy can cry when his emotion betrays him, he can feed the baby in a public meeting with all his friends present. I can go on but let me stop (lol)

If your man can’t humble himself to do ordinary things, please don’t excuse his actions and say his just being a man.

Men are not excused from inappropriate behaviors, they are humans and if they have behaviors that are detrimental to our homes lets lovingly correct them. They deserve to be award winning men and not just part of the birth process and financial pillars.

Please dear, look with the intention to correct and make your man better, not to point out errors. If you must point out his errors be sure to have an antidote to the errors. It is only in the event where he refuses to accept “loving” correction that you can take the next available exist, you cannot come and kill ya self.

Funny enough it’s easy to spot and correct pride if you are not proud yourself.

What really make a human extra-ordinary is when he/she has successfully become authentic, simple and ordinary then life will reward you with an extra.

I value you.
Prioritize your peace

Written by Francis Arihilam

Francis Arihilam lives everyday to see potential maximize.
He teaches people how to lead productive lives.
His focus is to help people maximize their innate potential and help individuals make right relationship decisions. He does this via speaking and writing.

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