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Dear female partner – Arihilam Francis

I have lost sleep thinking of you and so I have decided to write to you.

Please I want you to know that when “be fruitful and multiply” was declared in etymology, it had nothing to do with child bearing. It was an instruction to spread and affect lives positively. Know this: he doesn’t need to be married to have offsprings; there are enough offsprings in IDP camps.

You are not the God that gives children.

I have spoken severally with you and you have assured me that he is matured. I love that and I’m glad he is. However, matured men lie and are often matured about it.

Matured men,give their partners silent treatment in the guise of discipline.

Matured men cheat and do it in a matured way.

Matured men are matured in the way they shut down their partners while claiming superiority in knowledge.

Matured men become absentee fathers with matured excuses of business trips and work commitments.

Matured men keep matured secrets.

Matured men are sometimes not authoritative but often highly manipulative because they have seen and been with many young others like you, therefore they know their onions.

Matured men just might remind you that his friends where there before you. Hence pushing you to a point of divorce and are matured about it for the sake of public image.

He just might hit you and apologize stating that you caused it and that both of you should handle it with maturity by not letting a third party in. At other times he will do it just few hours before a family get together and request that you act matured when the family members are around.

Let me stop here because I’m beginning to sound like a nagging fellow but I desire the best for you and hope this letter gets to you and is not truncated in a matured way.

Please let your standard be excellence in character; for “maturity” is very relative.

I value your peace and for this reason I write to you. Feel free to reply this letter if need be. You deserve an award winning man.

Yours lovely

Arihilam Francis
November 2016

Written by Francis Arihilam

Francis Arihilam lives everyday to see potential maximize.
He teaches people how to lead productive lives.
His focus is to help people maximize their innate potential and help individuals make right relationship decisions. He does this via speaking and writing.

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