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Iyenimoyan – Energize your spirit with sensational music video by Elizavocat

Abimbola Ojo, affectionately known as Elizavocat, has recently graced the music scene with her highly anticipated single, “IYENIMOYAN,” featuring the talented Soji Adeleke. This musical masterpiece is far more than just a song; it’s a testament to the indomitable human spirit, a melody that stirs the soul, and a beacon of hope for people worldwide.

“IYENIMOYAN” is more than just a title; it’s a declaration of one’s choice to embrace life fully. Translated as “I Choose to Live,” the song encapsulates the profound journey from the depths of darkness into the radiant light of hope. It serves as a poignant reminder that, even in the face of adversity, we possess the inner strength to transcend challenges and embrace life’s boundless possibilities, all because of the unwavering presence of Christ within us.

Elizavocat’s vocals in this empowering anthem are nothing short of breathtaking. Her voice resonates with a deep well of emotion, delivering each lyric with a passion that tugs at the heartstrings. The song’s lyrics are a poignant reminder that we each have the power to script our own stories, guided by our faith in God. Through unwavering trust, He helps us see the beauty in life’s intricate tapestry, allowing us not just to survive but to thrive.

“IYENIMOYAN” is not merely a song; it’s a lifeline. It’s an offering of solace for those in search of strength, a musical embrace for those longing for healing, and a melodic reminder that life, even in its most challenging moments, is worth celebrating. It is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, serving as a poignant reminder that, even in life’s harshest trials, we possess the power to rise, heal, and ultimately revel in the joy of existence through our unwavering faith in Christ.

Elizavocat’s collaboration with Soji Adeleke adds an extra layer of depth and richness to “IYENIMOYAN.” Soji’s harmonious voice complements Elizavocat’s beautifully, enhancing the song’s emotional resonance and making it a truly exceptional musical experience.

This single has the potential to inspire countless individuals who are seeking strength, comfort, and a renewed sense of purpose in life. It invites us all to reflect on our own journeys, encouraging us to choose life, to rise above our challenges, and to revel in the profound joy of being alive, all because of the enduring presence of Christ in our hearts.

In a world that can often be filled with darkness, “IYENIMOYAN” is a shining beacon of hope. It’s a song that reminds us that, no matter how tough life may get, we have the power to choose hope, to choose life, and to live it abundantly through our faith in Christ. Elizavocat and Soji Adeleke have created a musical masterpiece that will undoubtedly continue to touch and uplift hearts for years to come.

Watch music video: “Iyenimoyan”

Elizavocat by Iyenimoyan

Download Mp3:

Music Lyrics: “Suo Me”

Iye eeee ni mo yan
Motiyan iye ee motiyan iye
Iku dewo lori moyan iye
Motiyan iye  e e e e moti ni iye
Aisan dewo lara mi mo yan iye
Moti yan iye  e e motiyan iye
Aini dewo laye mi moyan iye

Iku ole raye lodo mi iyenimoyan/2x
Aisan ole raye lara mi iyenimoyan/2x
Aini ole raye nile mi iye ni moyan
Ofa ole raye lara mi iyeni moyan

Iyenimoyan o
Olorun majemu o
Iye iye iye iye iye e e e
iye ni moyan mi oyanku mi oyan ku mi oyan ku rara
Olorun majemu iye nimoyan
Ofa ogbodo raye lara mi
Aisan  ogbodo raye lara mi iyenimoyan
Mo n ru apa jesu kiri olorun majemu o
Won o gbodo ri mi mu
Won o gbodo ri mi pa
Won ogbodo ri temi gbese
Iku ogbodo raye lodo mi
Aisan ogbodo raye laye mi

Iku ole raye lodo mi iyenimoyan/2x
Aisan ole raye lara mi iyenimoyan/2x
Aini ole raye lodo mi iye ni moyan
Ofa ole raye lara mi iyeni moyan

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GOD IS ABLE – Beautiful rendation of hope by Ayo Elewi

“God Is Able (Olorun Lo Le Se)”

In the resounding world of gospel music, a remarkable figure has emerged, radiating her passion through both her soulful compositions and uplifting lyrics. Ayo Elewi, also fondly known as “Jesus is my pride,” stands as a beacon of creativity and devotion as an ewi gospel minister, composer, and prolific songwriter. Her musical journey has now culminated in a momentous release that promises to resonate deeply with hearts far and wide – the highly anticipated album titled “God Is Able (Olorun Lo Le Se).”

This awe-inspiring musical offering is not just an album; it’s a testament to faith, an expression of unwavering devotion, and a celebration of divine possibilities. The album weaves together a tapestry of melodies and messages, each thread sewn with the intention to uplift, inspire, and strengthen the spirit. Within its musical chapters lies a profound connection to the divine, an invitation to embrace the limitless power of God, and a reminder that, indeed, all things are possible through faith.

A cornerstone of this musical journey is the single video track titled “Mo Ri Aanu Gba.” This track serves as a vessel of grace, pouring out its lyrical wisdom and melodious beauty. With her soulful voice as the vessel, Ayo Elewi channels the message of grace and mercy, offering a heartfelt plea for the abundance of divine favor. “Mo Ri Aanu Gba” is a mesmerizing blend of music and meaning, a testament to Ayo Elewi’s ability to infuse her compositions with both musical brilliance and spiritual depth.

Evang Ayo Elewi, in discussing the creation of this album, draws from the well of wisdom found within the Scriptures. With her heart illuminated by Ephesians 3:20, she aptly captures the essence of the album’s message – “Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” This scripture encapsulates the album’s overarching theme: the boundless capabilities of a faithful heart, guided by the omnipotent hand of God. With this divine inspiration, Ayo Elewi has crafted an album that transcends the boundaries of music and delves into the realm of spiritual transformation.

As the world eagerly embraces this musical masterpiece, it’s heartening to know that “God Is Able (Olorun Lo Le Se)” is readily available for streaming and downloading on all major digital platforms across the globe. This accessibility ensures that Ayo Elewi’s message of hope, love, and faith is effortlessly spread to corners of the world, where hearts thirst for spiritual nourishment.

In conclusion, Ayo Elewi’s musical odyssey has culminated in a magnificent crescendo with the release of “God Is Able (Olorun Lo Le Se).” As an ewi gospel minister, composer, and songwriter, she has poured her heart and soul into each note and lyric, creating an album that serves as both a musical delight and a spiritual revelation. Through the melodic notes and resonant words, Ayo Elewi extends an invitation to all listeners – an invitation to believe, to hope, and to acknowledge that, indeed, God is able to achieve far beyond our wildest dreams. So, as the album’s ethereal melodies fill the airwaves and the heartfelt lyrics touch souls, let us collectively experience the divine tapestry woven by Ayo Elewi, a tapestry that celebrates the limitless power of faith.

Watch “God Is Able (Olorun Lo Le Se)” Music Video Below;

God is able by Ayo Elewi

Stream Mp3:

Connect with Blessing Osaghae:

Facebook: Elewi

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Alpha and Omega – beautiful and mind thrilling song by Tosin_Oyelakin

Diving into the realm of divine worship, the renowned gospel virtuoso hailing from the UK, Tosin Oyelakin, has bestowed upon the world a musical masterpiece that transcends languages and cultures. Her latest offering, a visually captivating rendition of the deeply moving hymn “Alpha and Omega,” is an embodiment of sincere devotion and reverence.

Singing in a harmonious blend of Yoruba and English, the song resounds with the resonating chords of praise for the all-encompassing power of God. Aptly titled “Alpha and Omega,” the lyrics paint a vivid picture of a deity who stands as both the origin and culmination of all existence. This awe-inspiring portrayal captures the essence of God as the ultimate source and final destination of life’s grand journey.

Yet, it is not just an ode to God’s majestic omnipotence; it also acts as an uplifting directive, guiding the faithful to contemplate the wondrous deeds of the Almighty. The song beckons worshippers to bask in the brilliance of His handiwork, to traverse the intricate tapestry of His creations, and to be in awe of the Creator Himself. Every note struck and every word sung becomes an invitation to partake in the celebration of His unending splendor.

The artist herself, in her gracious message, aptly describes the song as a bridge between the terrestrial and the divine. As listeners allow the harmonies to envelop them, they find themselves crossing over to a realm where adoration knows no bounds. The music becomes a vessel, transcending time and space, carrying each soul closer to the heart of the divine.

With utmost sincerity, Tosin Oyelakin encourages everyone to infuse their worship sessions, whether private or collective, with the ethereal essence of “Alpha and Omega.” This divine melody has the power to elevate the mundane into the sacred, transforming routine moments into transcendent encounters. By adding this composition to one’s collection of worship anthems, the worshipper is promised a truly enriched experience, an opportunity to connect more deeply with the divine presence.

In conclusion, as the melodious strains of “Alpha and Omega” resonate, they carry with them not only the melodious notes of a gospel song but also the spiritual depth that only a true worshipper can convey. As the artist’s benediction suggests, may the listeners indeed be blessed, enriched, and uplifted in the name of Jesus. The musical journey embarked upon, guided by Tosin Oyelakin’s soul-stirring creation, is bound to be one of profound spiritual significance.

In the embrace of the divine harmonies, may hearts be kindled with reverence and spirits be lifted in adoration. This is not just music; this is a sacred voyage, an opportunity to experience the Alpha and Omega in all His resplendent glory. Agape always.

Watch music video: “Alpha and Omega”

IHE I NA EMERE M DI MMA by Rhema Onuoha

Download Mp3: “Alpha and Omega”

Music Lyrics:

Iwo nikan, Ko selomiran ( Besides You, there’s no other)
No one like You, none who compares
My hiding place, my safe refuge
Agbara mi, Oluwa mi (My strength, my Lord)

Alpha and Omega, beginning and the end
Everlasting Father, the great I Am
You deserve my praise 2x
You are worthy Lord 2x
Kabiyesi o, Kabiyesi (Unquestionable King)
Eyin l’Oba awon oba (You are the King of kings)
Olorun mi (My God)

Ogo ye O, iyin ye O (You deserve the glory, You deserve the praise)
Oluwa mi (My Lord)
You alone are God
You are worthy LORD
Every praise I have, every drop of it
It belongs to You


Who can part the sea
Who can make a in the wilderness
No one but You
Ko s’oba bi ire (No king like You)

Who can raise the dead
Make the blind to see
No one but You
No one like You


Oh oh oh

Connect :

YouTube Channel:

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EMI KI YO BERU – A beautiful spirit melody by Minister_Favour_George

Renowned for her exceptional songwriting prowess and her impactful contributions to the world of gospel music, Favour George has once again graced the music scene with an electrifying release that is set to resonate deeply with listeners. Introducing her latest creation, the groovy and uplifting anthem titled “Emi Ki Yo Beru,” Favour George delivers a musical masterpiece that transcends mere entertainment, embodying a message of encouragement, spiritual elevation, and personal testimony.

This powerful offering is a direct reflection of Favour George’s unwavering dedication to her craft and her deep-rooted connection to her faith. Drawing inspiration from a place of profound prayer and introspection, Favour George crafted “Emi Ki Yo Beru” as a response to the current state of affairs in the nation. Amidst challenges and uncertainties, a divine revelation emerged, leading her to channel the encouraging words found in Joshua 1:9 into a song that uplifts the hearts of believers and provides solace in the face of adversity.

But that’s not all. Favour George has even more in store for her devoted listeners. She has proudly announced the upcoming second edition of her annual concert, aptly named LATRIA 2.0. This unique event goes beyond the ordinary concept of worship gatherings, emphasizing the essence of internal worship over external rituals. It’s a congregation of souls seeking to connect on a spiritual level, united by their shared devotion and reverence.

The lineup for LATRIA 2.0 promises an enriching experience for attendees, featuring an array of distinguished Guest Ministers who are set to grace the stage with their talents:

  • Lyrical HI
  • Moses Akoh
  • Min Jayclef
  • Psalmist Oporomo Adoebi Precious

This illustrious roster, along with other revered Gospel music ministers, will collectively contribute to the divine atmosphere of worship and praise.

“LATRIA,” a term steeped in significance, conveys the concept of supreme worship offered solely to God. This event is not merely a gathering; it’s an opportunity to immerse oneself in the highest form of worship, an act that transcends the mundane and connects individuals with the divine.

Mark your calendars for August 27th as the date of this extraordinary event. The venue, Tamara Hall, located along Otiotio Road, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, is set to be transformed into a sanctuary of worship, where souls will unite in harmony and devotion.

This is an event of unprecedented magnitude, one that promises an immersive journey into the depths of worship and spirituality. If you seek an experience that goes beyond the ordinary and a chance to partake in supreme worship, then LATRIA 2.0 is an event you cannot afford to miss. Favour George’s “Emi Ki Yo Beru” and the upcoming LATRIA 2.0 concert are testaments to the unifying and uplifting power of gospel music in a world that often yearns for hope and connection.

Watch music video: “EMI KI YO BERU”

EMI KI YO BERU by Minister_Favour_George

Download Mp3:

Music Lyrics: “EMI KI YO BERU”

emi kì yio bẹru

Solo: You are the light of life
My salvation oh oh
The stronghold of my life
Why should I fear why should shall I be afraid
Jesus get my back , I stand sure in you.

Moni baba kan
Alagbada no ni
Oba to sure
egungun eyin mi
alaabo mi
olugbeja mi
Emi emi emi ki yio beru



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God Is Able – Beautiful Album with thrilling melodies | Evang Ayo_Elewi

Prepare to be swept away on a divine musical journey as the highly acclaimed Gospel Ewi Singer, Evang Joy Ayo Elewi, widely known as “Jesus Is My Pride,” is poised to grace the music scene once again with her upcoming album release, titled “God Is Able (Olorun Lo Le Se).” This eagerly anticipated 5-track album promises to be a soul-stirring compilation that will resonate with believers and music enthusiasts alike. The grand unveiling of this musical masterpiece will take center stage during the awe-inspiring Music Concert and Album Launch, aptly named “Sacrifice Of Praise.”

The event is more than just an album launch; it’s a spiritual and musical celebration that seeks to connect hearts through the powerful medium of gospel music. Evang Joy Ayo Elewi’s musical prowess and devotion shine through in every note, and this album is set to be no exception. With each track, listeners can expect to be carried away on waves of worship and praise, as the artist channels her deep faith into melodies that uplift and inspire.

Evang Joy Ayo Elewi draws her inspiration from the heart of Scriptures, and her choice of Hebrews 13:15 aptly encapsulates the essence of her upcoming album. “By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.” This verse underscores the fundamental theme of gratitude and praise that runs through the core of her music. Her faith is a driving force, and it’s beautifully woven into every lyric and harmony.

But the inspiration doesn’t stop there. Quoting Ephesians 3:20, Evang Joy Ayo Elewi takes us even deeper: “Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” These words reflect the limitless potential that comes from trusting in God’s strength. This album becomes a conduit for channeling the divine energy that can uplift spirits and change lives.

The stage is set, and the anticipation is palpable. The grand event will take place at the exquisite St. Olave’s Church Hall in Woodberry Down, Manor House, London N4 2TW. The clock will strike 12:00 PM on the 26th of August 2023, marking the start of a musical extravaganza that promises to be nothing short of extraordinary. This is more than just an album launch; it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of worship, praise, and the celebration of faith.

As the world eagerly awaits the release of “God Is Able (Olorun Lo Le Se),” let us prepare our hearts and minds for a musical experience that transcends the ordinary. Through her distinctive Ewi style, Evang Joy Ayo Elewi invites us to participate in a spiritual journey of praise and thanksgiving. So mark your calendars, spread the word, and get ready to witness the fusion of faith and music like never before. The “Sacrifice Of Praise” Music Concert and Album Launch is set to be a milestone in the realm of gospel music, and you won’t want to miss this chance to be a part of it.

Watch “God Is Able” Music Video Below;

God is ABLE by Evang Joy Ayo Elewi

Stream Mp3: “God is Able”


Facebook: https://web.facebook.comAyo Elewi

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HEART OF PRAISE – Powerful spirit feeled sound by Oyindamola Ologoara

Gospel recording artist Oyindamola Omoba Ologoara has made a triumphant entrance into the music scene with the release of her highly anticipated album, “Heart of Praise” (Okan Ope). As a talented act signed under Deblaze Entertainment, Oyindamola shares her profound insights about one of the standout tracks on the album.

Titled “ANU,” this captivating song serves as a heartfelt reflection on the journey of destiny and the unwavering mercy that has accompanied Oyindamola throughout her life. With a captivating blend of sonorous melodies and poignant lyrics, she skillfully portrays the challenges and adversities she faced before the intervention of divine mercy. Through “ANU,” Oyindamola seeks to inspire and motivate listeners, assuring them that no matter the obstacles they may encounter, finding solace in Jesus can bring profound transformation and triumph.

Born into the Aduloju family, Oyindamola is the eldest of four children. Her musical journey began at the tender age of seven when she discovered her passion for singing. Over the years, she honed her craft, and a decade ago, she took the courageous step of pursuing music professionally. With two albums and two singles under her belt, Oyindamola has proven herself as a force to be reckoned with in the gospel music industry.

Hailing from Ikare Akoko in Ondo State, Oyindamola’s talent has taken her far beyond her hometown. She has had the privilege of sharing the stage with numerous renowned gospel musicians, leaving an indelible impact with her soul-stirring performances. Her captivating voice and genuine passion for music shine through in every note, captivating audiences and creating an atmosphere of worship wherever she goes.

“Heart of Praise” (Okan Ope) is a testament to Oyindamola’s unwavering dedication and commitment to her craft. The album encapsulates the essence of heartfelt worship and adoration, inviting listeners to join in the profound experience of praising God with all their hearts. With a diverse range of tracks that span various musical styles, Oyindamola showcases her versatility as an artist, while maintaining a strong focus on the central theme of gratitude and worship.

As listeners embark on the musical journey presented by “Heart of Praise,” they are treated to a collection of songs that not only uplift the spirit but also serve as a source of inspiration and encouragement. Oyindamola’s unique ability to connect with her audience shines through in every track, drawing listeners into a deeper place of worship and introspection.

With her rich musical background, profound lyrics, and soulful delivery, Oyindamola Omoba Ologoara has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the gospel music landscape. Her talent and passion are evident in every note she sings, captivating hearts and souls with her genuine love for God and music. As she continues to grow and evolve as an artist, Oyindamola’s star is undoubtedly on the rise, and “Heart of Praise” (Okan Ope) serves as a testament to her remarkable journey and unwavering commitment to her musical calling.

In conclusion, Oyindamola Omoba Ologoara’s album, “Heart of Praise” (Okan Ope), is a musical masterpiece that encompasses the beauty of worship and gratitude. With her powerful vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and genuine passion for music, Oyindamola has created an album that resonates deeply with listeners. Her remarkable talent and unwavering faith shine through in every track, making “Heart of Praise” a must-listen for all lovers of gospel music. As Oyindamola continues to touch lives and inspire hearts, her future in the industry is undoubtedly promising.


Connect with Oyindamola Ologoara:


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Erin Ayo – OUT NOW | Get thrilling sound by Tolu Arowojobe

Dive into the depths of uncertainty and questioning, and you will find a verse that shines like a beacon of truth and revelation. It’s none other than John 16:3—a verse that resonates deeply with the essence of Tolu Arowojobe’s latest musical masterpiece, “Erin Ayo.” More than just a song, “Erin Ayo” emerges from the depths of our souls as a resolute affirmation, inviting us to embark on a victorious journey alongside Tolu once again.

John 16:3 serves as a potent reminder of the profound power embedded in the knowledge of God—a power that has the potential to transform lives and bring about lasting change. Through this new single, we not only reaffirm our trust in God’s promises but also embrace the profound truth that His joy is not merely a fleeting emotion. Instead, it becomes a constant source of strength and protection, shielding our hearts and minds against doubt, fear, and discouragement. It stands as an unflinching assurance, reverberating with the fervor of our faith and igniting a flame of hope within the hearts of all who lend an ear.

As the melodies of “Erin Ayo” weave through the tapestry of your emotions, they touch the raw essence of your being. The lyrics, akin to whispers from the divine, stir the dormant dreams within you, urging them to awaken and flourish. This song is more than just a composition—it is a vessel of transformation, breathing life into weary souls and stirring a passion for a life filled with purpose.

Let us take a moment to delve into the world of Tolu Arowojobe, an artist who refuses to confine his talent to a single domain. With captivating vocals that possess the power to uplift spirits and touch hearts, Tolulope has mastered the art of delivering heartfelt melodies that resonate with audiences. Beyond his musical prowess, he is also a gifted author, effortlessly penning captivating stories that inspire and provoke deep contemplation. And when his nimble fingers glide across the ivory keys of the piano, they conjure enchanting melodies that transport listeners to a realm of profound emotion.

Through “Erin Ayo,” Tolu Arowojobe invites you to embark on a journey of exploration and reverence—a realm where music and spirituality intertwine, leaving an indelible mark on your soul. It is a heartfelt invitation to embrace the transformative power of music, to allow it to awaken your spirit and kindle a renewed passion within. As you immerse yourself in the divine melodies and lyrical grace of “Erin Ayo,” may your soul find solace, your dreams find wings, and your spirit find its true home in the presence of Jesus.

The arrival of “Erin Ayo” heralds a new chapter in Tolu Arowojobe’s musical odyssey, one that promises to uplift, inspire, and leave an everlasting impact. Prepare to be captivated, transported, and transformed as you embark on this extraordinary musical journey with Tolu—a journey where the boundaries between heaven and earth blur, and where the power of music transcends the ordinary, reminding us of our inherent connection to the divine.

Listen to: “Erin Ayo”

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EYIN OLUWA – Amazing song will make you dance | MAUDLYN ABAJUO

Eyin Oluwa

In the realm of gospel music, where talent and devotion converge, Maudlyn Abajuo shines as a remarkable songwriter, a dedicated minister of the gospel, and a fervent lover of Jesus. Her journey is driven by a deep-rooted desire to spread the message of Jesus and to reveal the fullness of God through the captivating power of her songs, all of which are divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit.

With each musical creation, Maudlyn Abajuo invites listeners on a profound spiritual journey, and her latest single, “Eyin Oluwa,” serves as a testament to her unwavering commitment. This soul-stirring composition was born out of a divine encounter in her place of worship, where the Holy Spirit infused her with the melody and lyrics that would touch the hearts of many.

Describing the essence of “Eyin Oluwa,” Maudlyn explains that it is a clarion call to offer unadulterated praise to the Lord. The title itself translates to “Praise The Lord” in the Yoruba language. While Maudlyn is not of Yoruba descent, she found herself entrusted with this powerful message, initially unaware of its meaning. However, with the invaluable assistance of her featured artist, Mr. Sola Soetan, who also co-produced the song, she gained a clearer understanding of its significance. Together, they meticulously fine-tuned the composition, infusing it with their shared vision.

As the weeks passed, Maudlyn delved deeper into the essence of “Eyin Oluwa,” allowing the song to permeate her spirit. It was during this time of meditation that a profound message was unveiled to her, one that she eagerly shares with her audience. This heartfelt revelation can be witnessed in the accompanying music video, serving as a poignant reminder for all who engage with the song.

Through “Eyin Oluwa,” Maudlyn Abajuo encapsulates the essence of praise and worship, transcending cultural and linguistic boundaries. The song serves as a universal call to honor and exalt the Lord, irrespective of one’s background or heritage. Its captivating melodies and inspiring lyrics draw listeners into a sacred space, where they can join in unison to lift their voices and hearts in adoration.

Maudlyn Abajuo’s unwavering faith and commitment to her craft are evident in every note and word of “Eyin Oluwa.” This uplifting single serves as a testament to her deep connection with God and her heartfelt desire to draw others closer to the divine. As she continues her musical journey, Maudlyn’s passion for spreading the gospel and revealing God’s fullness through her music remains steadfast.

In a world longing for hope and spiritual awakening, Maudlyn Abajuo’s “Eyin Oluwa” stands as a beacon of light. It resonates with an authenticity that transcends human understanding, touching the depths of the soul and igniting a fervent praise for the Lord. Through her remarkable gifts as a songwriter and minister, Maudlyn Abajuo invites us all to join her in the timeless act of worship and to experience the transformative power of God’s presence through the universal language of music.

Watch “Eyin Oluwa” Music Video Below;

Eyin Oluwa – Maudlyn Abajuo

Stream Song

Connect with Maudlyn Abajuo:

Facebook: Abajuo

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Agbara – An Epic heart raising worship the amazing Ewaoluwa Ayoola

Dive into a transcendent musical experience as America-based music minister, songwriter, and worshiper, Ewaoluwa Ayoola, unveils her latest single, the awe-inspiring “AGBARA.” Drawing inspiration from Acts 8:1, which declares, “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth,” Ewaoluwa Ayoola delivers a soul-stirring composition that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

“AGBARA” is more than just a song; it’s an embodiment of spiritual empowerment and a reminder of the divine force that resides within each one of us. The captivating melodies and heartfelt lyrics intertwine seamlessly, creating an ethereal atmosphere that invites listeners to embark on a transformative journey.

As the song unfolds, Ewaoluwa Ayoola’s passionate vocals serve as a vessel for the potent message of the Holy Spirit’s indwelling power. The lyrics act as a call to action, urging believers to embrace their role as witnesses of Christ, not only in their immediate surroundings but also throughout the entire world. With every note and lyric, “AGBARA” encourages listeners to tap into the supernatural strength bestowed upon them, empowering them to impact lives and spread the gospel.

This powerful anthem is more than just a musical creation; it’s a divine invitation to experience the transformative presence of the Holy Spirit. As you immerse yourself in the captivating soundscape of “AGBARA,” you’ll be reminded of the unlimited potential that lies within you when you allow the Holy Spirit to guide your every step.

Ewaoluwa Ayoola’s musical prowess shines through in this remarkable single, with her soulful vocals capturing the essence of the message and stirring hearts with its sincerity. Backed by a masterfully composed arrangement, the song effortlessly builds and crescendos, heightening the emotional impact and leaving an indelible impression on the listener’s soul.

“AGBARA” is not only meant to be heard but also felt. Its evocative melodies and rich instrumentation create an atmosphere of reverence, drawing listeners into a place of worship and spiritual connection. This is a song that transcends language barriers, cultural differences, and geographical boundaries, touching the hearts of believers across the globe.

As you stream and download this powerful song, allow yourself to be enveloped by its divine essence and let the Holy Spirit work within you. “AGBARA” is a timely reminder of the boundless power that lies within every believer and the responsibility we carry to be witnesses of Christ’s love, not only in our immediate circles but to the ends of the earth.

Ewaoluwa Ayoola’s “AGBARA” stands as a testament to her artistry, devotion, and unwavering faith. With this single, he invites listeners to embrace their spiritual calling and be vessels of God’s power and love. Let the music wash over you, and may it ignite a flame within your heart to impact the world around you. Stay blessed as you embark on this transformative musical journey.

Stream/Download Agbara

Connect with Ewaoluwa Ayoola:

Facebook: Ayoola o
YouTube: Ayoola o

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God of Wonders – Hope Inspiring song about God’s beautiful power

Embark on a transformative spiritual journey alongside Tolulope as he unveils a mesmerizing musical masterpiece. Today, Tolulope reveals his latest opus, “God of Wonders,” where musical brilliance harmoniously merges with a divine message. Immerse yourself in the magnetic allure of captivating harmonies and be moved by the depth of the lyrics, as you embark on a transcendent journey, discovering the indescribable power of the God of Wonders.

With every note, Tolu skillfully captures the essence of our Creator’s awe-inspiring nature in this melodic symphony. Brace yourself for an enchanting experience as his soulful voice intertwines with profound lyrics, effortlessly transporting you into a realm of wonder, inviting you to witness the extraordinary power and unmatched beauty of the Almighty with reverence.

Not content with mastering just one aspect of his artistic expression, Tolulope Arowojobe’s repertoire expands far beyond his captivating vocals. From his earliest days, Tolulope embarked on a melodic journey, feeling drawn to the divine presence through the power of his heartfelt melodies. With each soulful note that escapes his lips, Tolulope possesses an extraordinary ability to uplift spirits and touch hearts.

But Tolulope is not limited to his vocal prowess alone. He is also a gifted author, effortlessly translating his thoughts onto the page and weaving captivating stories that inspire and provoke deep contemplation.
And that’s not all. His nimble fingers gracefully glide across the ivory keys of the piano, conjuring enchanting melodies that transport listeners to a place of profound emotion.

Through this awe-inspiring composition, Tolulope extends an invitation to join him on a journey of exploration and reverence, where music and spirituality unite in harmonious synergy, leaving an indelible mark on your soul.

Prepare to be captivated as Tolulope Arowojobe’s multifaceted talents take you to new dimensions of musical and spiritual experience.

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God of Wonders by Tolu Arowojobe
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“Speak Peace” – Spectacular lyric video by the amazing Esther Adegoke

Revitalizing the Spirit: De Treasured Unleashes the Power of Faith in “Speak Peace”

Enter the enchanting world of gospel music as Esther Adegoke, the divinely gifted vocalist known as De Treasured, graces the airwaves with her latest studio single and mesmerizing lyrics video, aptly titled “Speak Peace.”

In a world filled with turmoil and uncertainty, The song serves as a beacon of light, urging listeners to anchor their unwavering faith in God, even amidst the darkest storms of life. Unveiling a contemplative melody that resonates deep within the soul, De Treasured seeks to restore hope and tranquility in the hearts of those who have encountered negative experiences, heartbreaks, and life’s overwhelming disappointments.

Through the soul-stirring lyrics of “Speak Peace,” Esther masterfully captures the essence of relying on God’s boundless love and immeasurable grace to ignite the flames of hope and strength in the face of adversity. The song becomes a guiding light, illuminating the path towards a renewed sense of purpose and a steadfast belief that placing one’s unwavering trust in God is undeniably the ultimate choice.

As the harmonious notes intertwine with De Treasured’s emotive vocals, the powerful message embedded within the song resonates deep within the core of every listener. With an upbeat and motivational tone, “Speak Peace” possesses an irresistible charm, captivating all who are fortunate enough to experience its transcendent aura.

Prepare to embark on a transformative musical journey as De Treasured’s “Speak Peace” envelops your senses, sweeping you away to a realm where faith conquers doubt and God’s love reigns supreme. Let the ethereal melodies and profound lyrics breathe new life into your weary soul, igniting a flame of hope that shall never be extinguished.

Join De Treasured on this extraordinary sonic expedition, and allow “Speak Peace” to infuse your spirit with unwavering faith, strength, and an everlasting sense of peace that transcends all understanding.

Watch “Speak Peace” music video

Speak Peace by De Treasured

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Shey Normal!! – More thrilling energy from Esther Igbekele’s banger

Music minister, Esther Igbekele, has recently released an upbeat banger titled “Shey Normal.” In this captivating track, she aims to enlighten the youth and discourage them from engaging in destructive behaviors such as drug abuse, prostitution, and other forms of misconduct. Additionally, she spreads a profound message, urging them to embrace the path of God.

Esther Igbekele, renowned for her dynamic dance moves, showcases her exceptional musical talent in this thought-provoking song. With her impeccable music arrangement and delivery, she demonstrates her prowess as a disciplined and dedicated singer.

By incorporating impactful lyrics and an engaging melody, “Shey Normal” effectively captures the attention of its listeners, leaving a lasting impression on their hearts and minds. Through her music, Esther Igbekele encourages positive change and promotes virtuous living among the youth.

Overall, this Esther Igbekele’s release, stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to using her musical abilities to inspire, uplift, and guide the younger generation towards a righteous path.

Shey Normal – Esther Igbekele

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IRAN OGO – DEJIPRAISE releases another amazing single

Nigerian gospel singer and composer, Dejipraise, has released an incredible single called “IRAN OGO”

The name of this song is an expression in Yoruba native parlance, which translates in English “The Glory of God” or “The Splendor of God.”

This song is not just a musical piece; it’s a heartfelt prayer to God. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, it carries a special blessing for everyone who listens.

May you be abundantly blessed as you stream and download this soul-stirring track.

Listen to “IRAN OGO” Music audio

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Molola audio & music video- Amazing gospel minister Joshua Olayiwola

Gospel minister, Prophet and Spiritual leader, Joshua Olayiwola releases single titled “Molola” featuring David Olajide.

The word “Molola” is of Yoruba origin and means “I have wealth or I am wealthy

This song Prophet Joshua Olayiwola was inspired by his experiences in worship and the lyrics of this song expresses a message of hope and optimism, pointing towards a brighter tomorrow.”

Prophet Joshua Olayiwola, also known as ‘Baba Alabiyamo’, is the President of Christ the Living Word Apostolic Ministries and Covenant Mountain of Grace & Mercy in Alabiamo, Akure, Ondo State. He is a Prophet of God.

This amazing yoruba gospel release is available on all digital platforms, including YouTube, as both audio and video.

Watch music video- “Molola”

Molola video- Prophet Joshua Olayiwola

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(Official Video) Racheal – E’se (Thank You)

Racheal, the sensational United States-based gospel music diva releases a new music video titled ESE (Thank You).
The song is a powerful expression of gratitude towards God, and it encourages listeners to appreciate and acknowledge all the good things that God has done in their lives.

The lyrics of the song are heartfelt and moving, and they express a deep sense of appreciation for God’s love, grace, and mercy. The music video itself is beautifully produced, with stunning visuals and a captivating performance by Rachel. Her powerful vocals bring the song to life, and they help to convey the message of gratitude and thanksgiving in a powerful and meaningful way.

Overall, “ESE (Thank You)” is a powerful and uplifting song that reminds us of the importance of being grateful for all the blessings in our lives. Rachel’s music is an inspiration to many, and her latest release is sure to touch the hearts of listeners around the world, encouraging them to give thanks and praise to God for all He has done.


(Official Video) Racheal – E’se (Thank You)



Produced by: Phate – E- Productions
Co-Produced by Minister Mex


Racheal the fast rising Boston based gospel music sensation is a very versatile and talented singer and worshipper.

She originally hails from Imo state Nigeria and ever since relocating to the United States of America, she continues to wax stronger daily in her personal ministry and family life.

Racheal has been inspired by great music ministers such as Mercy Chinwo, Judikay, Chioma Jesus, Ada Ehi, Cece Winans, Juanita Bynum and many others.

Follow Racheal on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube channel for new music and ministry updates

YouTube Channel:

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[Music + Video] Deborah Ajayi releases amazing single- Oni Majemu

Sensational Gospel music minister, Deborah Ajayi comes with a great new tune to her trending song, “Oni Majemu.”

Deborah Ajayi‘s latest number, “Oni Majemu” moves away after the success of his recent sound, “Ekaabo” still gathering massive online plays.

Oni Majemu translated as ‘Covenant Keeper‘ is a brand new spirit-filled song. A covenant is a sacred agreement between God and His children. God sets specific conditions, and He promises to bless us as we obey these conditions. Making and keeping covenants qualifies us to receive the blessings God has promised.


[Music + Video] Deborah Ajayi release amazing single- Oni Majemu



Oni majemu to n’ pa majemu re
(The Covenant keeping God that Erases all Evil Covenant)

Oni majemu to n’ gbe majemu mi
(The Convent keeping God that swallow all Evil Covenant)

Oni majemu to n’ pa majemu re
(The Covenant keeping God that Erases all Evil Covenant)

Olorun majemu wa se iyanu laye mi
(The Covenant keeping God perform a miracle in my life)

Oni majemu ayo
The Covenant Keeper of Joy

A ba ni mule ma ma da a ni
(The Covenant Keeping God that never betrays)

A ba ni mule mu ileri se
(The Covenant Keeping God that fulfills all promises)

Onise iyanu, to n’se ise iyanu
(Awesome Wonder
(That Performs Wonder)

Onise iyanu, to n’fi aye mi dara ire ooo
(Awesome Wonder)
(That showcases my life with Wonder’s)

Onise iyanu, to n’se ise iyanu u’un
(Awesome Wonder)(That Performs Wonder)

Olorun iyanu, wa fi mi dara ire
(God of Wonder’s)
(Awesome Wonder Showcase me as a Wonder )

Agbara ajinde, bere ise majemu, Lori oke calvary
(The Power of Resurrection
Start the work of Covenant
(From the Cross of Calvary)

Olorun iyanu, o ba Obediodemu ni alejo,o si so di oloro
(God of Wonder’s)
(You visited Obededom)
(And made him Wealthy)

Oni majemu, wa se temi
(Covenant keeping perfect that which concerns me)

Wa so yeye mi, di ayeye
(Turn my Shame to Honor)

Wa so egan mi di ogo
(Turn my Reproach to Glory)

Wa funmi layo ko mu ayo mi kun
(Give me Joy and make me Joyful)

Olorun iyanu,wa fi mi dara ire
(God of Wonders
(Awesome Wonder Showcase me as a Wonder )

ire ire ireeee ireeee ireeee ireeee
(Wonders Wonders Wonders)

Wa fi mi dara ire
(Awesome Wonder Showcase as a Wonder )

Obinrin onisun eje, ofi owo kan iseti aso re, o si mu larada
(The Woman with the issue of Blood)
(Touched the Helm of your Garment and was made whole)

Wa fi mi dara ire ooo
(Awesome Wonder Showcase as a Wonder )

Joseph ninu tubu, o mu jade o si so di oba
(You brought Joseph out of the Prison and made him King)

Wa fi mi dara ire
(Awesome Wonder Showcase me as a Wonder )

There’s nothing you can’t do
My God of consistency
My God who answers by fire

Wa fi mi dara ire oo
(Awesome Wonder Showcase me as a Wonder )

Majemu to gbe ninu ipe fohun
(The Covenant in my Calling I call you forth )

Emi to n sise agbara
(The Power that Work Wonder’s)

Majemu ai se rere, ti ko fe je ki n’ gbe ile aye se rere, Oluwa ba mi ba je
(The Covenant
Oluwa ba mi ba je
(Lord Destroy)

Majemu igbe dide, to se, je ko se ninu aye mi
(The Covenant of Upliftment you promised me Come to pass)

Wa mu ayo wa
(Give me Joy)

Wa mu ire wa
(Give me Goodness)

Wa mu ola wa
(Give me Wealth)

Wa mu oro wa
(Give me Prosperity)

My God of possibilities

My God of Consistency

My God that will do exceedingly Abundantly
Above what I could ever ask think or imagine according to the power that works in me

Olorun iyanu o, se iyanu la ye mi o, se iyanu la ye mi o

(God of Wonders perform wonders in my life)

ebe ni mo be o o, Baba mi ooooo