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[Music Video] Oluwa Bami Rinrin Ajo (live on stage)|| Elijah Daniel Omo Majemu


Elijah Daniel, the renowned Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter, and recording artist, has unveiled a live version of his hit single, “Oluwa Bami Rinrin Ajo.” This captivating song was recorded live during the Worship Encounter 10th edition, where Elijah delivered a powerful message to the audience.

The heart of “Oluwa Bami Rinrin Ajo” lies in its declaration, urging God to walk alongside you on the journey of life—a sentiment inspired by Joshua 1:9: “Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord, your God is with you wherever you go.”

Elijah Daniel shared the poignant backstory of the song, revealing that it emerged during a challenging two-year period. Overwhelmed by the situation, he found himself in the bathroom, burdened in spirit. In that moment, the song spontaneously poured forth from his heart, guided by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Prophetess Bola Obanla, the lyric composer of the song, emphasized the transformative power of the lyrics, noting, “To God be the glory, the fearful situation then has come to nothing because the Bible says ‘Many are the affliction of the righteous, but the Lord delivers them out of them all’ (Psalm 34:19).”

“Oluwa Bami Rinrin Ajo” is a soul-stirring composition in the Yoruba Language, spoken in the southwestern region of Nigeria. The song not only encapsulates a call for divine companionship but also serves as a testament to overcoming challenges through faith.

This release is a testament to Elijah Daniel’s ability to channel personal struggles into inspirational music, resonating with listeners on a spiritual level. The live recording adds an authentic and dynamic dimension to the song, capturing the raw emotion and energy of the Worship Encounter 10th edition.

Elijah Daniel’s “Oluwa Bami Rinrin Ajo” is more than just a song; it is a musical journey through faith, a declaration of strength, and an assurance of God’s constant presence in the face of adversity. This Yoruba anthem is poised to invoke praise on the lips and dance in the feet of all who experience its uplifting melody.

The live version of “Oluwa Bami Rinrin Ajo” is now available, ready to weave its message of hope and resilience into the hearts of listeners. Tune in to experience the power of Elijah Daniel’s musical ministry, and let the transformative lyrics of this Yoruba masterpiece resonate with the depths of your soul.

Watch “Oluwa Bami Rinrin Ajo” Music Video Below;

Oluwa Bami Rinrin Ajo by Elijah Daniel Omo Majemu

Download Mp3:

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