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Supo Olageshin [Video + Audio]: Amazing song by Ireoluwa

Ireoluwa - Supo Olageshin

Get ready for a transcendent musical journey with “Ireoluwa,” the latest gospel sensation by Supo Olageshin. This soul-stirring melody is more than just music; it’s an invitation to experience faith, hope, and divine inspiration. The powerful lyrics and captivating rhythm of “Ireoluwa” are set to touch hearts and elevate spirits, celebrating the timeless beauty of gospel music.

Supo Olageshin, a seasoned professional with over 40 years of dedicated service in both the public and private sectors, brings a wealth of experience and passion to his music. Born in Lagos and proudly identifying as “Egba,” Supo’s musical journey began in his early years, writing beautiful songs inspired by his love for music and his Christian faith.

A multifaceted personality, Supo is not just a musician; he’s a Minister in the Ever-Increasing Word Ministries and a certified marriage counselor. His commitment to cultural values and his passion for a better Nigeria are evident in his life and music. Happily married with children and grandchildren, Supo is now officially retired and ready to devote more time to his love for music, particularly his debut track, “IREOLUWA.”

As a Christian nurtured in a rich cultural value system, Supo’s music is a testament to his deep faith and commitment to spreading messages of love, hope, and gratitude. The release of “IREOLUWA” marks a significant moment in his life as he celebrates his 60th birthday and retirement from active service.

The debut track, produced by the renowned Music Icon “YemyTpx,” is available on YouTube and all major digital music platforms worldwide. With a thematic emphasis on divine blessings and grace, “Ireoluwa” promises to be a transformative musical experience.

Join Supo Olageshin on this musical adventure by streaming “Ireoluwa” on all digital platforms. Click on the Link Tree provided to access the track and immerse yourself in the uplifting melodies and inspiring lyrics of this gospel sensation.

Prepare to be uplifted as Supo Olageshin says, “Father, I thank you,” through the enchanting sounds of “Ireoluwa.” Don’t miss out on this celebration of faith, hope, and divine inspiration.

Watch “Supo Olageshin” Music Video Below;

Supo Olageshin by Ireoluwa

Download Mp3:



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