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[Music & Video] Celestial Praise Medley – song released by Israel TcoG

Celestial Praise Medley - Israel TcoG

“Israel TcoG Unveils Heavenly Offering with ‘Celestial Praise Medley'”

Israeli-born UK-based Christian gospel sensation, Israel TcoG (The Chosen Of God), has graced the music scene with his latest single and accompanying video, “Celestial Praise Medley.”

In this carefully curated compilation, Israel TcoG aims to present a heartfelt offering of praise to the Almighty. The medley is a deliberate and intentional arrangement, designed to be a sweet sacrifice of praise to Jehovah God, the Creator of all, irrespective of denomination.

Minister Israel sheds light on the inspiration behind this celestial medley, inviting listeners to join in the profound experience. He encourages everyone to immerse themselves in the joy of praising God, emphasizing that the selection of songs has been a meticulous process guided by the Holy Spirit.

“All the songs are carefully selected, re-composed, restructured, composed/written, structured with the help of the Holy Spirit,” notes Israel TcoG, underlining the spiritual essence and authenticity of the musical offering.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Israel TcoG’s passion for gospel music has led him to direct various church choirs, including his home church choir in London. Additionally, he leads a gospel band that contributes to Christian events, showcasing his commitment to spreading the message of faith through music.

Having released multiple albums and received recognition from various gospel music awards and church institutions, Israel TcoG is no stranger to accolades for his unwavering dedication to the Kingdom of God. His musical journey, marked by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, has seen him minister at diverse Christian denominations and gatherings, both in the UK and overseas, all with the singular purpose of exalting the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

For enthusiasts of soul-stirring gospel music, “Celestial Praise Medley” is a divine composition that transcends boundaries, delivering a powerful and uplifting experience. The single is now available on all major digital platforms, allowing listeners to partake in this celestial offering of praise.

Follow @IsraelTcoG and stay tuned for a celestial journey of praise that promises to elevate your spirit and deepen your connection with the divine.

Watch “Celestial Praise Medley” Music Video Below;

Celestial Praise Medley – Israel TcoG

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