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“CLOSER” [Gospel music] – A beautiful single by sensational Kayla Bailey

Closer - Kayla Bailey
Closer - Kayla Bailey

Renowned Christian singer and exceptional songwriter, Kayla Bailey, is filled with excitement as she unveils her latest single, “CLOSER,” a captivating offering from her highly anticipated album, “WASTELAND.” This remarkable worship anthem serves as a transformative invitation, drawing believers closer to the very heart of God.

Kayla Bailey, an acclaimed artist known for her soulful and inspirational music, continues to captivate audiences with her heartfelt melodies and powerful vocals. Her highly anticipated upcoming album, titled “Wasteland,” offers a profound reflection of her personal journey through challenging times, guided by God’s unwavering presence. This remarkable album explores the diverse stages of life, encompassing the Green Valleys, the Wilderness, and even No Man’s Land, ultimately leading listeners to forge a deeper connection with God.

One standout track from the album is “Closer,” a song that beautifully encapsulates the longing to draw nearer to God. In this moving piece, Kayla Bailey artfully expresses her desire for God to utilize life’s dry seasons as opportunities to bring individuals closer to Him. Against the backdrop of a world often characterized by casual attitudes and routine traditions, “Closer” serves as both a prayer and a proclamation—an earnest call to break down barriers and establish a closer relationship with the Heavenly Father.

“Closer” is the result of an exceptional collaboration between Kayla Bailey, Austin Davis, and Charles Harke, renowned songwriters who bring their collective talents to bear on this remarkable composition. The song’s production was expertly handled by David O. Ramirez, an esteemed figure within the music industry, known for his remarkable contributions to the field.

In conjunction with the release of “Closer,” Kayla Bailey has unveiled a visually captivating lyric video, available for viewing on her official YouTube channel. This mesmerizing video serves as the perfect accompaniment to the song, further enhancing the audience’s engagement with its powerful message.

Kayla Bailey’s previous releases have garnered widespread acclaim and cultivated a devoted fan base, all attesting to her exceptional talent and the heartfelt messages conveyed through her music. Seamlessly blending influences from contemporary Christian music and inspirational pop, Kayla Bailey has crafted a distinctive and enthralling sound that resonates deeply with listeners.

The highly anticipated single “Closer” is now available for streaming and download on all major music platforms, inviting music enthusiasts to experience its profound impact firsthand. Radio programmers are strongly encouraged to include this remarkable song in their playlists, allowing its inspiring message to reach an even wider audience.

Stream Kayla Bayley’s “CLOSER” lyric video on YouTube.

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Written by Bright Chibuzo

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