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Declare His Praise – Amazing album now official by Debrah Olubukola

Debrah Olubukola - Declare His Praise album

Prepare to be enraptured by the divine sounds of Debrah Olubukola, a remarkable Nigerian Gospel Music minister who has made her mark on the music scene from her base in the United Kingdom. The long-awaited debut studio album, aptly titled ‘Declare His Praise,’ is finally here, ready to be savored by discerning listeners who seek a premium musical experience.

‘Declare His Praise’ is a breathtaking collection of epic melodies that are designed to radiate the unadulterated praise of God throughout the entire universe, touching hearts and souls along the way. Each track is carefully crafted to exude a profound sense of worship and adoration, inviting listeners on a spiritual journey that transcends the ordinary.

Among the treasures found within this album are the already released tracks by Debrah Olubukola, including the captivating “Lord You Are Good” and the mesmerizing “Praise Medley 1 & 2.” These familiar gems serve as beacons of the artistry and talent that Debrah possesses, giving listeners a taste of what to expect from the album as a whole.

Comprising a total of ten awe-inspiring tracks, ‘Declare His Praise’ is a true masterpiece that exudes the very essence of God’s power. With each musical stroke, Debrah Olubukola seamlessly delivers a captivating blend of vocal prowess, lyrical depth, and divine inspiration. The album’s production is a testament to her commitment to delivering excellence, ensuring that every note, rhythm, and harmony resonates with the listener’s soul.

As you embark on this musical odyssey, be prepared to witness the power of God manifesting in your life. ‘Declare His Praise’ is not simply an album; it is a vessel through which the transformative power of music and spirituality merge. Through Debrah’s virtuosity, each track carries a unique ability to transport you to a place of divine connection and profound experiences.

The anticipation for this beautiful project is well-founded, as ‘Declare His Praise’ promises to exceed expectations and leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who encounter it. Prepare to be enthralled by the sheer beauty and power that emanates from this musical creation, allowing yourself to be enveloped in the divine presence it carries.

In a world filled with musical offerings that often prioritize commercial success over spiritual depth, ‘Declare His Praise’ stands out as a testament to the true purpose of gospel music. It is a reminder that the ultimate goal is not just entertainment, but rather a channel through which the praise and worship of God can be expressed, touching the lives of individuals and transforming communities.

So, brace yourself for an extraordinary musical journey as Debrah Olubukola invites you to immerse yourself in the captivating melodies and powerful lyrics of ‘Declare His Praise.’ Open your heart, elevate your spirit, and prepare to encounter the divine as you embark on this remarkable musical odyssey. Let the album resonate within you, and may it inspire you to declare His praise with an unyielding passion and devotion.

Stream Album: “Declare His Praise”

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Written by Bright Chibuzo

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