Enhancing God’s Word and Truth: Taiwo’s Prophecy’s Purpose

Taiwo's Prophecy

Taiwo Adeyinka is a Pastor who was a former member of the SDA (Seventh Day Adventist) church but is now severed and separated from the church. He claims that though he was once very devoted to the church and has great regard for the truths held by early pioneers of the church, he is now no longer attached to the church again.

He claims the apostasy of the church and so many hypocritical moves against him in the church caused him to separate from the church. The church seems to have chosen policy over God’s truth and has attempted to defend it in the most lying, evil and aggressive manner.

They seem to forget the purpose of being a church, as for Christ and hold on aggressively to their policies like an occult. “I’m speaking particularly in reference to the SDA church in Nigeria, Southwest. Though there are people who lay claims to the apostasy of the general SDA church globally, it’s the people I’ve personally felt their sting and evilness I’m talking about here.” Says Pastor Taiwo.

In the United States for example, where the headquarter of the church is and where the church itself originated from, it’s quite common to see people separating from the church and starting an independent ministry. Often they come out exposing the fallen state of the church and speak more favourably about the early pioneers and EG White the prophet.

But in spite of the nobility of those independent ministries most commonly from the US, it’s not uncommon to find errors due to the approach to their messages despite claiming that they are inspired by God.

About Taiwo’s Prophecy;

Taiwo’s Prophecy is a Christian filmmaking platform. Due to its spirituality and godly attachment, its primary purpose is for Godly ministry with great regard to God’s words and truths. We as a Christian brand have a great calling to enhance God’s word and truth further from the progress it has attained from history thus far. Even utilizing the advancement of technology prevailing in our times to further that purpose!

About Ola(Wealth) Movie

Taiwo’s Prophecy brings a powerful story to life in their latest project, Ola (Wealth). Starring Kolawole Gbenga Akinola, Ifeoluwa Ogunade, and Morounfola Bukola, and directed by the talented Taiwo Adekoya and Afeez Adekunle, this movie is a must-see.

The story revolves around a Nigerian food business vendor whose only goal is to accumulate more wealth for himself and his organization. Unfortunately, his wealth doesn’t reflect in his family, and he even goes as far as driving out his sister who came to seek financial assistance from him. He becomes unavailable for his family’s assistance until the night he has an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Without giving too much away, the story has a suspenseful and thought-provoking ending that will leave you wanting more.

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