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EYIN OLUWA – Amazing song will make you dance | MAUDLYN ABAJUO

Maudlyn Abajuo - Eyin Oluwa

Eyin Oluwa

In the realm of gospel music, where talent and devotion converge, Maudlyn Abajuo shines as a remarkable songwriter, a dedicated minister of the gospel, and a fervent lover of Jesus. Her journey is driven by a deep-rooted desire to spread the message of Jesus and to reveal the fullness of God through the captivating power of her songs, all of which are divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit.

With each musical creation, Maudlyn Abajuo invites listeners on a profound spiritual journey, and her latest single, “Eyin Oluwa,” serves as a testament to her unwavering commitment. This soul-stirring composition was born out of a divine encounter in her place of worship, where the Holy Spirit infused her with the melody and lyrics that would touch the hearts of many.

Describing the essence of “Eyin Oluwa,” Maudlyn explains that it is a clarion call to offer unadulterated praise to the Lord. The title itself translates to “Praise The Lord” in the Yoruba language. While Maudlyn is not of Yoruba descent, she found herself entrusted with this powerful message, initially unaware of its meaning. However, with the invaluable assistance of her featured artist, Mr. Sola Soetan, who also co-produced the song, she gained a clearer understanding of its significance. Together, they meticulously fine-tuned the composition, infusing it with their shared vision.

As the weeks passed, Maudlyn delved deeper into the essence of “Eyin Oluwa,” allowing the song to permeate her spirit. It was during this time of meditation that a profound message was unveiled to her, one that she eagerly shares with her audience. This heartfelt revelation can be witnessed in the accompanying music video, serving as a poignant reminder for all who engage with the song.

Through “Eyin Oluwa,” Maudlyn Abajuo encapsulates the essence of praise and worship, transcending cultural and linguistic boundaries. The song serves as a universal call to honor and exalt the Lord, irrespective of one’s background or heritage. Its captivating melodies and inspiring lyrics draw listeners into a sacred space, where they can join in unison to lift their voices and hearts in adoration.

Maudlyn Abajuo’s unwavering faith and commitment to her craft are evident in every note and word of “Eyin Oluwa.” This uplifting single serves as a testament to her deep connection with God and her heartfelt desire to draw others closer to the divine. As she continues her musical journey, Maudlyn’s passion for spreading the gospel and revealing God’s fullness through her music remains steadfast.

In a world longing for hope and spiritual awakening, Maudlyn Abajuo’s “Eyin Oluwa” stands as a beacon of light. It resonates with an authenticity that transcends human understanding, touching the depths of the soul and igniting a fervent praise for the Lord. Through her remarkable gifts as a songwriter and minister, Maudlyn Abajuo invites us all to join her in the timeless act of worship and to experience the transformative power of God’s presence through the universal language of music.

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Eyin Oluwa – Maudlyn Abajuo

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Written by Bright Chibuzo

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