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Greater is He – Enjoy thrilling beautiful worship | louann lee

Greater is He - Louann Lee

Title: LouAnn Lee Releases Uplifting Anthem “Greater Is He” to Inspire Faith Nationwide

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE (July 11, 2023) – Renowned Christian artist, LouAnn Lee, graces the airwaves today with her highly anticipated single, “Greater Is He,” making its debut on Christian radio stations across the nation. The captivating song, featured on her critically acclaimed album “Piano Peace,” serves as a testament to Lee’s unwavering faith and artistic prowess.

With the release of “Greater Is He,” Lee seeks to reignite the hearts of listeners and remind them of the profound strength found within. Reflecting on the song’s creation, Lee shares, “In crafting ‘Greater Is He,’ my intention was to offer a reminder of the divine power we carry within us. My prayer is that this song uplifts those in need, dispels fear, and inspires a deeper faith in everyone who encounters it.”

As a melodic masterpiece, “Greater Is He” bears the signature touch of Lee’s artistry. Produced under her own label, Eternal Perspective, the track features a beautifully orchestrated choral arrangement that perfectly complements the potent lyrics. Lee’s previous chart-topping singles, such as “I Will Not Be Moved,” “Standing On The Rock,” “Your Glory Crowns Me,” and “You’re That Kind of God,” have paved the way for this latest release, solidifying her reputation as an accomplished musician in the Christian music industry.

Beyond her musical endeavors, LouAnn Lee embodies a life of service and devotion to her community and church. As a pastor’s wife, mother, worship leader, and pastor for both the women’s and youth ministries at Celebration Community Fellowship in Meadow Vista, California, Lee’s impact reaches far beyond the confines of a recording studio. With over 26 years of ministry experience, she has become a respected figure within the Christian community, offering a diverse range of services, from captivating worship concerts to enlightening songwriting clinics.

Lee’s passion for serving the local church has breathed new life into worship teams, invigorated women’s ministries, and touched the hearts of congregations and organizations around the world. Her unwavering dedication and tireless efforts continue to inspire individuals to deepen their faith and embrace the transformative power of music as a conduit for spiritual growth.

As “Greater Is He” emerges onto the airwaves, LouAnn Lee’s impact on the Christian music landscape remains indelible. Her artistic prowess, coupled with her steadfast commitment to faith and service, solidifies her position as a beacon of inspiration within the industry. Through the enchanting melodies and uplifting lyrics of “Greater Is He,” listeners are invited to embark on a transformative journey, reinforcing their belief in the immeasurable strength found in their faith.

In a world hungry for hope, LouAnn Lee’s music continues to resonate, bridging the gap between the divine and the human experience. With “Greater Is He,” she once again captivates hearts and souls, leaving an enduring imprint on the lives of all who encounter her powerful ministry.

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Greater is He by Louann Lee

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Written by Bright Chibuzo

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