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HE DID IT BIG – Beautiful official album by Bumie Asuquo

Bumie-Asuquo HE DID IT BIG

In a harmonious crescendo of faith and melodious devotion, Pastor and Gospel music luminary, Bumie Asuquo, has unveiled her much-anticipated album, a radiant opus christened “He Did It Big.” A musical revelation that transcends boundaries, the album’s symphonic journey is set to reverberate with resounding impact. The crescendo of this unveiling is accompanied by a celebratory concert scheduled for today, the 22nd of July, 2023, a moment that will etch its significance in the annals of Gospel music history.

As the musical curtains part, a luminous single emerges, bearing the name “Omemma.” This sonorous offering, adorned with the mellifluous vocals of renowned Gospel music virtuoso Gabriel Eziashi, beckons listeners into a realm of profound gratitude. Available for streaming and download online, “Omemma” is a soul-stirring melody that bridges the spiritual with the tangible, allowing Bumie Asuquo’s heart of thanksgiving to cascade over the airwaves.

Through “Omemma,” Bumie Asuquo weaves a tapestry of praise, extolling the boundless magnificence of Jesus’ completed work that has paved the way for victorious lives. In harmony with this theme, Gabriel Eziashi’s resonant voice echoes the same sentiment, affirming that God’s goodness envelops the lives of the faithful, an overwhelming love that fuels their journey.

The term “Omemma,” drawn from the Igbo dialect of Eastern Nigeria, translates to “God’s Goodness.” With this linguistic brushstroke, the essence of the song is laid bare – an ode to the benevolence of the Divine that permeates every note and every heart that hears it.

The musical odyssey doesn’t stop at “Omemma”; it unfolds into a 7-track masterpiece, “He Did It Big.” This album, now available for streaming and download, carries within its harmonious embrace a choir of voices, each intonation singing praises to the Creator. The album’s stellar guest lineup includes the likes of Dare David and Uche Agu, who, alongside Bumie Asuquo, will grace the album’s launch concert. Antwan Galbreath also joins this heavenly chorus, weaving his own musical threads into the fabric of this artistic tapestry, while Gabriel Eziashi’s presence acts as a melodious bridge between “Omemma” and the album’s other offerings.

Within “He Did It Big,” each track is a chapter in a symphony of faith. The title track carries the weight of revelation, “Absolutely Yours” opens the gates of surrender, “Praise Is Erupting” ignites a celestial fervor, and “Belongs To You” echoes devotion. “You are the Living God” ushers us into a place of worship, and “Mr. Do Good” serves as a melodic benediction that leaves listeners immersed in the afterglow of God’s goodness.

From the sacred sanctum of Bumie Asuquo Ministries, this album’s melodies are more than just sound; they are the echoes of devotion, the harmonies of belief, and the rhythms of a journey towards the Divine. In each note, in every chord progression, “He Did It Big” encapsulates the essence of Gospel music – a conduit through which the faithful connect with the spiritual, the miraculous, and the sublime.

As Bumie Asuquo’s dulcet tones merge with the celestial harmonies, “He Did It Big” becomes an offering, a testament, and an anthem of the soul. This album isn’t just a collection of songs; it’s a vessel of praise, a celebration of faith, and a testimony of God’s enduring goodness that echoes beyond the final note, lingering in the hearts of all who listen.

Download Mp3: ” He Did It Big “


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Written by Bright Chibuzo

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