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HERE IS YOUR GLORY – Powerful spirit inspired Melody |BLESSING OSAGHAE

Blessing Osaghae - Here is Your Glory ft. Oteega Ariawhe

“Here Is Your Glory” – Unveiling Divine Splendor: Blessing Osaghae’s Ethereal Single

In a resounding testament to the ethereal fusion of faith and melody, UK-based Pastor and Music Minister, Blessing Osaghae, has unfurled her latest musical gem, “Here Is Your Glory.” This divine composition stands as a radiant beacon of spiritual resonance, showcasing Blessing’s boundless talents and spiritual depth.

Nestled within the heart of this melody is a profound story of inspiration, collaboration, and unwavering devotion. Crafted through a collaboration between Blessing Osaghae and O’tega Ariawhe, “Here Is Your Glory” serves as one of the standout tracks from Blessing’s much-anticipated sophomore album, “Wave of Glory.” This musical opus comprises a collection of eight soul-stirring compositions, each crafted with meticulous care and imbued with a profound spiritual essence.

The genesis of “Here Is Your Glory” can be traced back to the year 2020 when Pastor Blessing Osaghae, guided by the sacred words of Psalms 19, embarked on a journey of deep meditation and spiritual communion. As the verses of Psalms 19 unfurled before her, the resplendent glory of the divine began to manifest itself in awe-inspiring clarity. The result was an overwhelming surge of emotion that translated into tears of reverence and spiritual awakening. In that sacred moment, the words “Lord, here is Your glory” reverberated through the chambers of her soul.

With the melody echoing in her heart, Pastor Blessing found herself effortlessly weaving together lyrics that transcended the boundaries of human expression. In those crystalline verses, the essence of God’s glory was encapsulated in a symphony of words and notes. The profound communion between music and spirituality was evident as she sang, letting the melody find its voice in the message.

The divine narrative took another fascinating twist as the winds of collaboration carried Pastor Blessing and O’tega Ariawhe into a harmonious partnership. Recognizing the song’s boundless potential, they worked tirelessly to craft a chorus that resonated with the song’s overarching theme. The synergy between Blessing’s poetic finesse and O’tega’s musical acumen birthed a chorus that added another layer of depth to the already enchanting composition.


“Here Is Your Glory” is more than just a song; it’s an invitation to experience the ineffable presence of the divine. As the mellifluous notes cascade through your living room, accompany your car rides, and fill the sacred halls of your church gatherings, a palpable transformation is set in motion. The song isn’t merely a piece of art; it’s a vessel through which the Shekinah Glory of God is invoked and made manifest. Each time the lyrics are sung with heartfelt devotion, a portal to the realm of transcendence opens, allowing the sublime light of God’s presence to shine through.

In conclusion, “Here Is Your Glory” isn’t just a melody; it’s a conduit for spiritual revelation. Blessing Osaghae’s captivating vocals and the song’s divine origins serve as a testament to the intertwining of faith and music. As you embrace this musical offering, may you be enveloped in the luminous aura of God’s glory, forever transforming the way you perceive and experience the divine. So, close your eyes, open your heart, and embark on a journey of worship as you immerse yourself in the resounding proclamation: “Now, see the Glory of God!”

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Written by Bright Chibuzo

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