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Holy Spirit We Wait – See this sensational song by Caroline_Oriss

Holy Spirit We Wait - Caroline Oriss

“Holy Spirit We Wait”

In the resounding crescendo of Nigeria’s gospel music scene, a luminous star emerges, bringing not just her melodic prowess, but a soul-enriching message that transcends the realm of music. Caroline Oriss, a revered gospel minister and prolific songwriter based in Nigeria, has unveiled her long-awaited and soul-lifting creation, a celestial melody born in the sacred space of prayer, titled “Holy Spirit We Wait.”

Caroline Ojochide Oriss is no ordinary name in the realm of music and ministry. The youngest among seven siblings, her life narrative is woven with distinct threads of resilience and purpose. Beyond her musical prowess, she holds a pharmacy background, contributing to the healthcare field. However, it is her role as a prophetic intercessor that truly sets her apart. For over two decades, her melodious talents have graced the stage, acting as a minstrel for hearts seeking solace and inspiration.

Caroline’s life journey seamlessly intertwines with her mission to nurture godly women and channel the divine will through intercession. As the driving force behind the Shebah Women Foundation, she empowers women with spiritual values, igniting flames of transformation. Additionally, she co-founded The Portals Intercessory Ministry, a testament to her commitment to cultivating a spiritually vibrant community.

Her life is shared with her husband, Pastor Taiwo Oriss, a partnership steeped in shared dedication to spiritual growth and community upliftment. Based in Abuja, Nigeria, Caroline’s reach extends far beyond geographical boundaries, touching lives both locally and globally.

“Holy Spirit We Wait” is not just a song; it’s an offering of gratitude and remembrance. Firstly, it’s dedicated to the Almighty God and His Holy Spirit, acknowledging the privilege of knowing Him intimately. Secondly, it pays homage to Mrs. Mercy Ojochenemi Orji (Nee Ereh), Caroline’s sister of blessed memory. Her enduring impact remains alive even in death.

A symphony is only as beautiful as the hands that orchestrate it. Caroline extends her heartfelt appreciation to Divine Eagle’s Hills Media Production for their exceptional work in bringing her musical vision to life. Under the skillful guidance of the producer, known as Anointed, this project has flourished with remarkable creativity and unwavering professionalism.

The collaborative synergy between Divine Eagle’s Hills Media Production and producer Anointed is palpable in the final product. Their dedication to excellence has birthed a musical masterpiece that surpasses expectations, resonating deeply with listeners. This achievement stands as a testament to their commitment and expertise, solidifying their roles as indispensable contributors to the song’s brilliance.

In a crescendo of gratitude, Caroline acknowledges the unwavering love of God Almighty. She expresses profound thanks for the Holy Spirit, the most cherished gift of her life, and commits to living each day to please Him.

The journey towards the release of “Holy Spirit We Wait” has been paved with the unwavering support, encouragement, and belief of countless individuals. The remarkable team working behind the scenes deserves special recognition. Their dedication and expertise have brought Caroline’s musical vision to life, allowing it to radiate with unparalleled brilliance.

To her fans and listeners, Caroline’s words are a heartfelt embrace of gratitude. Their enthusiasm and anticipation have been the driving force behind this accomplishment, fueling her determination. This song, an echo of her heart, now becomes a shared treasure, inviting others to find solace and inspiration within its harmonies.

In Closing, A Harmonious Note

As the curtains rise on “Holy Spirit We Wait,” Caroline’s musical journey takes center stage, forming a harmonious connection with the divine. This song, an embodiment of faith, dedication, and creativity, mirrors Caroline’s luminous soul. With its melodic embrace, it promises to touch hearts and resonate deeply, bridging the gap between humanity and the divine.

In a chorus of gratitude, Caroline’s note closes, signing off with her name, a testament to a life dedicated to music, ministry, and unwavering faith.


Producer: Divine Eagle’s Hills Media Production
Record Label: Divine Eagles Hills

Download Mp3: “Holy Spirit We Wait”



Written by Bright Chibuzo

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