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Alpha and Omega – beautiful and mind thrilling song by Tosin_Oyelakin

Alpha and Omega - Tosin Oyelakin

Diving into the realm of divine worship, the renowned gospel virtuoso hailing from the UK, Tosin Oyelakin, has bestowed upon the world a musical masterpiece that transcends languages and cultures. Her latest offering, a visually captivating rendition of the deeply moving hymn “Alpha and Omega,” is an embodiment of sincere devotion and reverence.

Singing in a harmonious blend of Yoruba and English, the song resounds with the resonating chords of praise for the all-encompassing power of God. Aptly titled “Alpha and Omega,” the lyrics paint a vivid picture of a deity who stands as both the origin and culmination of all existence. This awe-inspiring portrayal captures the essence of God as the ultimate source and final destination of life’s grand journey.

Yet, it is not just an ode to God’s majestic omnipotence; it also acts as an uplifting directive, guiding the faithful to contemplate the wondrous deeds of the Almighty. The song beckons worshippers to bask in the brilliance of His handiwork, to traverse the intricate tapestry of His creations, and to be in awe of the Creator Himself. Every note struck and every word sung becomes an invitation to partake in the celebration of His unending splendor.

The artist herself, in her gracious message, aptly describes the song as a bridge between the terrestrial and the divine. As listeners allow the harmonies to envelop them, they find themselves crossing over to a realm where adoration knows no bounds. The music becomes a vessel, transcending time and space, carrying each soul closer to the heart of the divine.

With utmost sincerity, Tosin Oyelakin encourages everyone to infuse their worship sessions, whether private or collective, with the ethereal essence of “Alpha and Omega.” This divine melody has the power to elevate the mundane into the sacred, transforming routine moments into transcendent encounters. By adding this composition to one’s collection of worship anthems, the worshipper is promised a truly enriched experience, an opportunity to connect more deeply with the divine presence.

In conclusion, as the melodious strains of “Alpha and Omega” resonate, they carry with them not only the melodious notes of a gospel song but also the spiritual depth that only a true worshipper can convey. As the artist’s benediction suggests, may the listeners indeed be blessed, enriched, and uplifted in the name of Jesus. The musical journey embarked upon, guided by Tosin Oyelakin’s soul-stirring creation, is bound to be one of profound spiritual significance.

In the embrace of the divine harmonies, may hearts be kindled with reverence and spirits be lifted in adoration. This is not just music; this is a sacred voyage, an opportunity to experience the Alpha and Omega in all His resplendent glory. Agape always.

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Music Lyrics:

Iwo nikan, Ko selomiran ( Besides You, there’s no other)
No one like You, none who compares
My hiding place, my safe refuge
Agbara mi, Oluwa mi (My strength, my Lord)

Alpha and Omega, beginning and the end
Everlasting Father, the great I Am
You deserve my praise 2x
You are worthy Lord 2x
Kabiyesi o, Kabiyesi (Unquestionable King)
Eyin l’Oba awon oba (You are the King of kings)
Olorun mi (My God)

Ogo ye O, iyin ye O (You deserve the glory, You deserve the praise)
Oluwa mi (My Lord)
You alone are God
You are worthy LORD
Every praise I have, every drop of it
It belongs to You


Who can part the sea
Who can make a in the wilderness
No one but You
Ko s’oba bi ire (No king like You)

Who can raise the dead
Make the blind to see
No one but You
No one like You


Oh oh oh

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Written by Bright Chibuzo

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