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“HOW GREAT THOU ART” – Beautiful & fantastic melody by BOB_MCCHESNEY

How great thou art by Bob McChesney

Bob McChesney’s Soul-Stirring Rendition of “How Great Thou Art” – A Jazz Masterpiece

In the realm of jazz, certain musicians attain legendary status. Bob McChesney, the world-renowned trombonist, undeniably belongs to this elite group. His latest single, “How Great Thou Art,” is not just another track; it’s a transformative musical experience that seamlessly marries jazz mastery with spiritual reverence. Released by MoCo Records, this rendition of the timeless hymn marks a pivotal moment in McChesney’s illustrious career, reaffirming his status as a maestro of the trombone.

A Trombonist Extraordinaire

Bob McChesney’s journey in music began in the vibrant music program of Baltimore’s public schools. Over the years, he honed his craft, developing a unique and exceptional technique. His trombone artistry has not only graced countless recordings but has also earned him a revered place in the pantheon of trombonists.

The Spiritual Resonance of “How Great Thou Art”

In his latest album, “Come Sunday,” which he produced himself, McChesney delves deep into the spiritual realm. The standout track, “How Great Thou Art,” is a testament to his profound connection with music and spirituality. Carl Boberg’s classic hymn is reborn through McChesney’s trombone, a transformation so powerful that even legendary singer Pat Boone was moved to tears upon hearing it. Boone, a close friend of McChesney, describes the track as a “deeply spiritual experience” and encourages everyone to partake in this emotional journey.

Breathing Life into Music

One of McChesney’s unique talents lies in his ability to infuse life into his music. With every note, he breathes his very essence into the trombone, creating a rhythmic pulse that resonates with the soul. “How Great Thou Art” is not just a song; it’s a spiritual and joyous journey, a musical masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of jazz and spirituality.

The Maestro’s Perspective

Lalo Schifrin, the legendary composer, showered McChesney with praise, stating, “Bob McChesney is a virtuoso and has the gift to bring us the joy of music at the highest level.” In “How Great Thou Art,” McChesney offers more than just a song; he presents a vivid expression of faith through the lens of jazz. This rendition invites listeners to partake in a small piece of heaven on earth, a place where the boundaries between music and spirituality dissolve into pure, unadulterated emotion.


Bob McChesney’s “How Great Thou Art” is not merely a jazz rendition of a classic hymn; it’s a spiritual journey, a testament to the power of music to touch the deepest recesses of the soul. Through his unparalleled mastery of the trombone, McChesney has created a musical masterpiece that defies categorization. It’s a reminder that music, when played with heart and soul, can be a bridge to the divine. As we listen to the soul-stirring notes of “How Great Thou Art,” we are reminded that legends like Bob McChesney continue to shape and elevate the world of music, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts and spirits.

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Written by Bright Chibuzo

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