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I CHOOSE TO BE FREE – Sensational video & lyrics premiere | TEAL-PENGUIN


Teal Penguin was founded and is led by Balu, its’ singer-songwriter and lead guitarist. Balu was fortunate to pursue diverse career interests, but all along he kept his musical passions alive by playing in various local bands, composing and writing. Balu then founded Teal Penguin, who released their first EP, Davos Man, in 2022. As the man behind Teal Penguin, Balu has dedicated his recent months to the release of the single I Choose To Be Free. It is an original Anthem of Freedom dedicated to the heroic people of Ukraine, and to the many other peoples around the world, who struggle for freedom against the yokes of aggression and oppression. The amazing video based on this song combines real footage with the song’s profound lyrics and soaring music. It describes the journey from peace to war to resistance, with a rousing chorus that celebrates the basic human cry for freedom. May it herald a peaceful future without aggression, and horrific conflicts as the one in Ukraine. The artwork for this track features a painting of a sunflower, the national flower of Ukraine, that is straining under the force of gales from the east while being rained on – yet it proudly stands and resists. It is a symbol of the amazing courage of the Ukrainian nation. All proceeds will to Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid.

Teal Penguin is a collective of world-class musicians. Besides Balu, the other musicians on I Choose To Be Free are Jon Buttons (Bass), Blair Sinta (Drums & Percussion), Steve Maggiora (Keys & Vocal Harmonies), John Vidovic (rhythm guitar) and Antonio Guerra (Piano). Teal Penguin are passionate about expressing their vision for a sustainable planet for generations to come, with hopes for peaceful conflict resolution, freedom, social justice, and less inequality.  Their music is an apt take on the state of the world through meaningful lyrics, emotive compositions, superb musicianship and arrangements. They speak directly to the next, younger generation of society and leaders who can make the world a better place for all. Teal Penguin draws inspiration from the many greats who came before – we truly stand on the shoulders of giants! Sonically rich, artfully performed and recorded, it is our hope that our videos, music and messages will touch your soul, and be the soundtrack for your actions to create a better Earth for all.

Lyric: “I Choose To Be Free”

Did you hear?
‘The thunder in the distance
Oh mama its all right
Its just some rain on the field

Then I heard
The thunder rolling near
Only this time it was
From the barrel of a tank

Then I felt
A stab in my leg
Stars shooting up inside
A searing flame outside

Then I felt
Blood on my hands
As I realized
The thunder was shrapnel

I choose to be free
Wheat fields…
Shining in the sun
No shackles or a crown
No sadness or a frown
I choose to be free

Although you are strong
I will stand my ground 
And fight you
Till the end of all time

You don’t know where you are 
Or what you are fighting for        
But I do
And it is not good for you

So brother please stop this shit
And get back to your cesspit
And leave us alone
To walk in the fields 

I choose to be free
Wheat fields…
Shining in the sun
I don’t bother no one
And no one bothers me
I choose to be free

I choose to be free
Wheat fields…
Shining in the sun
No shackles or a crown
No sadness or a frown
I choose to be free

Watch music video: I CHOOSE TO BE FREE

I Choose To Be Free by Teal Penguin

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Written by Bright Chibuzo

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