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JEF Records Presents The Wilson Family of Cades with an amazing single “Heaven Belongs To You”

JEF Records presents The Wilson Family of Cades who are a group of influential music artist with a devoted following. Their incredible career began with a bang as a family group, singing gospel music from their local communities to now global venues. Since then, they have musically and constantly have shared their gifts of music on a regular basis that manages to empower and encourage their fans—both old and new.

Their natural ability and a strong will, with intense determination has propelled The Wilson Family of Cades forward to this point in their Global Family Music Ministry. While they have achieved so much, there’s still a great deal they want to accomplish in the world of music.

“We are working untiringly to deliver the God given musical assignment. WFOC”

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Artist: The Wilson Family of Cades

Title: “Heaven Belongs To You”

ISRC Code: QZXGM2300001

UPC Code: 198015894353

Label: JEF Records

Writers: Franklin Frierson

Publishing: Essie Joe Music/BMI

Producers: James Perry

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