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JESUS REVEALED – Now!! |an official release by CHISONIA_IGE

Chisonia Ige - Jesus Revealed

Unveiling the Divine Essence: with Chisonia Ige’s Debut EP – “Jesus Revealed”

In a world where the musical landscape is ever-evolving, occasionally, an artist emerges whose voice transcends the mere realm of entertainment, touching the very core of the human soul. Chisonia Ige, a gifted, anointed, and deeply passionate gospel singer, songwriter, lead vocalist, and worshipper, is one such artist. Her debut EP, “Jesus Revealed,” is not just a collection of songs but a powerful expression of the magnificence of Jesus in all its glory.

A Revelation of Jesus

“Jesus Revealed” is more than just an EP; it’s a revelation. Through these carefully crafted melodies and lyrics, Chisonia Ige unveils the profound personality and greatness of Jesus in ways that touch the heart and soul. Each track within this EP is a testament to the awe-inspiring aesthetics, unceasing gratitude, and the magnificent, powerful nature of God.

LISTEN TO AUDIO: “Jesus Revealed”

Songs That Stir the Soul

The EP comprises tracks that not only captivate the ears but also ignite the spirit. Songs like “Bigger,” “Praise Him,” and “You be God” are musical masterpieces that exude an infectious appeal, enveloping the listener in a torrent of emotions.

“Bigger” is a declaration of God’s majesty and grandeur, reminding us that there is none like Him. With uplifting melodies and heartfelt lyrics, this track is a spiritual journey in itself.

“Praise Him” is an anthem of gratitude, offering up praises to the Almighty. Its soul-stirring melody and lyrical depth are bound to lead listeners into a state of worship and thanksgiving.

“You be God” is a testimony to the undeniable power and authority of God. Chisonia Ige’s vocals soar as she proclaims the greatness of the divine.

“Oghene doh” takes us into a realm of Thanksgiving and gratitude. It’s a song that resonates with the heart and soul, reminding us to be grateful for the countless blessings we’ve received.

“Power in your name” and “You cannot lie” underscore the incredible potency of Jesus’ name and His ability to perform awe-inspiring miracles. These songs serve as a powerful reminder that with Jesus, the extraordinary becomes possible.

Miraculous Bliss Through Music

Chisonia Ige’s music isn’t just entertainment; it’s a divine encounter. Her songs and lyrics have the capacity to attract miraculous blessings into the lives of those who embrace them. The combination of her angelic voice and the spiritually charged messages in her music creates an atmosphere where the supernatural can manifest.

A Worship Advocate

Chisonia Ige is more than just a singer; she’s a devoted advocate of salvation through worship. As the president of Chisonia & His Presence Crew, she has dedicated her life to spreading the gospel through music. Her ministry has touched the hearts of many, as she has graced numerous worship and praise programs both within and beyond her hometown.

One of the highlights of her ministry is the annual worship event titled ‘Festival of Praise,’ a grand gathering of worshippers that ignites spiritual fervor and devotion. Held in synergy with her dedicated crew members in Benin City, this event is a testimony to her commitment to leading souls to Christ through worship.

“Jesus Revealed” – Now Available Everywhere

The good news is that you can now experience the divine revelation encapsulated in Chisonia Ige’s “Jesus Revealed” EP. It’s available on all major streaming platforms, ready to transport you into a realm of worship and spirituality that you’ve never experienced before.

In conclusion, Chisonia Ige’s “Jesus Revealed” EP is not just an ordinary music release; it’s a divine encounter. Through her music, she invites us to delve into the greatness of Jesus, to embrace gratitude and worship, and to experience the miraculous. It’s a musical journey that promises to be life-transforming. So, dive in, let the melodies wash over you, and let the revelations within each track draw you closer to the awe-inspiring power of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Jesus Revealed by Chisonia

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Written by Bright Chibuzo

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