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Inkululeko by Lyndani means freedom and liberty. The freedom of self. The freedom of being free from the difficulties Lyndani has come across. The journey he has walked. Inkululeko is a beautiful meditation to the great future that he endeavours to see.

Inkululeko features Bhodloza,Lyndani’s brother. Lyndani describes Bhodloza as his Music Guardian because of his experience in music, ranging from Classical music to Gospel & Jazz. Bhodloza is the genius Lyndani relies on for pointers and direction, especially on recordings and his music understanding.

Producer Siya Di Santana, the original creator of Inkululeko, has been working with Lyndani for more than a decade. Lyndani describes Di Santana as a creator that gets him – “he is in tune with my essence and my style”.

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Producer Scelo Gowane added that Scelo touch to Inkululeko. Lyndani praises him as 

“someone who understands the genre and the overall direction we wanted to take the song in – this is music from the heart, music from the soul”.

Scelo Gowane and Di Santana are both independent & talented producers, writers, musicians and singers.

Lyndani adds that it was crucial for Bhodloza and him to work with creators who understand all aspects of the song.

The union of these 4 soulful beings has resulted in a team that can only be described as proper.  “Inkululeko is a creation that is ultimately a gift from God for us to present to the world.”

Written by Perry Martins

Perry Martins, officially known as Martins Okonkwo is One of Africa's foremost Gospel Music and Christian Entertainment blogger. He is Tony Elumelu Foundation Alumni and a Young African Leaders Initiative Alumni.
Perry is also a Radio and TV host on Gospotainment Radio.

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