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Music Video: ALL by Angelica Okoye

15 year old Angelica Okoye premieres the official music video for her refreshing debut single titled ALL.

It’s never too late for one to surrender their life to God, it’s never too early either. This is what teenage singing sensation, Angelica Okoye, is already set out to do with her life and God-given talent. Her voice and vocal dexterity have been dedicated to sing the praises of the One who reigns forevermore. Angelica’s debut single ALL captures the stories of everyday people going through challenges in life as she encourages them to never be afraid because Jesus has paid the price, and He paid it “all”.

The song was produced by EeZee Conceptz and the video, an Oyez GospelNaija Film, was shot and directed by prolific cinematographer, Zino J.

Watch on YouTube below : 

I am not afraid
Nothing can overcome me
When Jesus liveth

If you never die
I will also never die
Because You liveth


You made an open shame
An open shame
Of every stubborn mountain
Standing in my way

All the pain you took away
All the tears you wiped away
Will reign forevermore

All the love you ever shown me
All the broken heart you fixed
Will reign forevermore

All divine healings you gave me
All the blood you shed in pain
Will reign forevermore

ooooh oooh

In your presence Lord (In your presence Lord)
Is all l ever wanted as your son
Ooooh ooooh
In your presence Lord
Is where dead bones will always rise again
You reign forevermore (You reign forevermore)

Lord you paid it all (You reign forevermore)
Oh Lord you paid it all (You reign forevermore 2X)
None barren
No sorrow
No tears
No depression (Lord you paid it all)
No no no no no no no no no (Lord you paid it all)
You paid it all, you paid it all for me ooh(Lord you paid it all)
You paid it all(Lord you paid it all)
You paid it all

Facebook/YouTube: Angelica Okoye
Instagram: @okoyeangelica

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