“MUSIC PREMIERE: Funke Ilori releases New – Let Every Hands (Medley)”

Funke Ilori-Let every hands

Funke Ilori  Releases New Single, Let Every Hands (Medley)

A sensational gospel music minister, Funke Ilori with mandate to spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to all the earth has begun the mission of reaching-out to the globe with her intentional songs as she sounds the message about the good news of Jesus Christ powerfully.

Her new song, ‘Let Every Hands’ (Medley) is a sound of possibility, the reality that every believer beckons on. Faith is our pivotal instrument to continually scale through life’s journey and minister Funke is on the quest to ensuring every hands being on deck to attain victory.

According to the Osun state-born minstrel; My goal is to reach out to men globally in songs that will lead them to God’s presence in worship thereby bringing Salvation to sinners, restoration to backsliders, healing all manner of sickness and diseases in His name.

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Solo: Let every hand that is raised against me fail.

All: Fail

(Repeat 3x)

All: For the battle is yours, the battle is yours not mine.

 I am in love with the Lord, I am in love 2x

He loves me I love him, I am in love

I am in love with the Lord

I am in love.

God can not change in Him is the truth

In God there is no variableness nor shadow of turning.

God can not change in Him is the truth.

The just is living by his faith 2x

I am living by my faith you are living by your faith.

The just is living by his faith.

Let the eyes, the eyes of my heart

Be full of light, be full of light.

I must decrease, while you increase Lord.

I must decrease, everyday

I must decrease while you increase Lord.

Let your will Lord becomes my will.

Thanks you for your mercy

Thanks you for your love

Thanks you for your loving kindness

Over my life

Thank you for your mercy

Thank you for your love 

Thanks you for your loving kindness. 

Mímọ́, mímọ́ Ọlọ́run ìyanu 

Ẹ ṣe o, Ọlọ́run ìfẹ́ Ẹ̀ ṣe o 

Atóbájayé a ó ma yìn Ọ́

Ẹ ṣe o, Ọlọ́run ìfẹ́ Ẹ̀ ṣe o

He rules, He reigns 

He is the King all over the earth 


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