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Praises – A beautiful spirit lifting melody by Cachet || Earl_Bynum

Praises - Cachet ft Earl Bynum

“Praises” by Revival Music Co. Featuring Cachét and Earl Bynum: A Musical Offering of Worship

In the world of gospel and praise & worship music, there are songs that inspire, songs that uplift, and then there are songs that simply transcend the boundaries of ordinary music. “Praises” by Revival Music Co. featuring Cachét and Earl Bynum is undeniably one such song. With its release on August 25, 2023, across various digital streaming platforms and subsequent radio release on August 28, 2023, this musical masterpiece has already begun to make waves, and it’s not hard to understand why.

An Anointed Collaboration:

At the core of “Praises” lies a powerful collaboration between two remarkable talents—Cachét, an anointed worship leader for Dr. Tony Evans’ Church at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, and Billboard charting, multi-award winning vocalist Earl Bynum. Their voices intertwine in a harmonious dance of praise, delivering a message that transcends the boundaries of mere music.

The Heart of the Song:

“It’s my life’s story,” Cachét exclaims, speaking about “Praises.” “That no matter what you’re going through in this life…God is worthy to be praised!” These words form the beating heart of the song, and they are not to be taken lightly. “Praises” is not just a song; it’s a testimony, an affirmation of faith, and a declaration of unwavering devotion.

A Musical Journey:

From the very first second of “Praises,” you are enveloped in a world of sound that is both musically engaging and vocally magnificent. The song’s instrumentation is a masterful complement to the powerful voices of Cachét and Earl Bynum. The energy and power they exude throughout the entire duration of the song are nothing short of captivating. It’s as if the music itself is a participant in this divine celebration of praise.

A Song That Soars:

“Praises” is not just a great song; it’s a song that soars. It carries you on a journey of worship and adoration, leaving you feeling elevated and spiritually invigorated. The vocal prowess of Cachét and Earl Bynum is awe-inspiring, as they effortlessly hit every note with precision and passion.

A Promise of Love:

When we say you’ll love “Praises,” it’s not just a casual suggestion. It’s a promise. This song has the power to touch your soul, uplift your spirit, and make you want to join in the chorus of praise. It’s a musical experience that transcends boundaries, uniting people from all walks of life in a common act of worship.


In a world filled with noise and distractions, “Praises” by Revival Music Co. featuring Cachét and Earl Bynum is a beacon of light and a testament to the enduring power of praise and worship. It’s a reminder that, no matter what challenges we face in life, God is always worthy to be praised.

So, go ahead, listen to “Praises” on your preferred digital streaming platform, and let the inspirational message and iconic delivery of this song wash over you. Let it be a source of strength, hope, and joy in your life. “Praises” is not just a song; it’s a musical offering of worship, and it’s waiting for you to join in the celebration. Don’t miss out on this divine experience.

Watch “Praises” Music Video Below;

Praises by Cachet ft Earl Bynum

Download Mp3: “Praises

Written by Bright Chibuzo

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