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The Strong Tower – Beautiful epic melody by LivingspringCMF

The Strong Tower - LivingspringCMF

The Strong Tower: Livingspring Gospel Music Festival Unveils a Gospel Extravaganza

When it comes to celebrating the melodious melodies of gospel music, there’s no grander stage than the Livingspring Gospel Music Festival. As Africa’s oldest Christian music festival, Livingspring CMF has consistently exemplified the true essence of spiritual expression through music. This year, in honor of their remarkable 40-year journey, they’ve presented an awe-inspiring gift to the world – “The Strong Tower,” a 14-track album that encapsulates the heart and soul of this revered festival.

A Glimpse into Livingspring’s Legacy

Livingspring Gospel Music Festival, affectionately known as Livingspring, was conceived by the visionary Prof. Ladi Osasona in 1983. Driven by a divine revelation, he embarked on a journey to inspire generations through the power of gospel music. With the support of trusted friends and an army of dedicated volunteers, they organized the very first Livingspring event. This live celebration of gospel music was groundbreaking, a testament to the festival’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what worship and musical expression could be.

Livingspring ’83 was merely the beginning. Year after year, they improved upon their previous efforts, birthing successive editions of the festival that would eventually become the renowned Livingspring Christian Music Festival. The fire that ignited in 1983 continued to burn brightly, captivating the hearts of all who experienced it.

The Livingspring Experience: A Multifaceted Celebration

Today, Livingspring has grown into a multifaceted event, featuring not only soul-stirring music but also seminars, discovery sessions, drama, and choreography. The festival is a convergence of talents and expressions from around the world, promoting unity and spiritual growth.

Livingspring’s core mission is to inspire the next generation of gospel artists. This festival serves as a fertile ground for budding talents to learn, grow, and be inspired by the best in the industry. It’s not just about singing but also about connecting with God on a deeper level, creating an environment where spirituality and creativity intersect.

The Strong Tower: An Ode to Livingspring’s Legacy

“The Strong Tower” is a testament to Livingspring’s commitment to celebrating gospel music in all its glory. This 14-track album, featuring an impressive lineup of gospel music ministers, takes the listener on a profound journey of praise and worship. The artists who contributed to this album include Eyitayo, Mezzo Streams, Dele Sax, Favour Chukwuma, Big Bolaji, Gaise Baba, Bois Olorun, and Tosin Bee, each lending their unique voices to create an atmosphere of divine connection.

As you dive into “The Strong Tower,” you’ll find a myriad of musical incense – from the soaring, soul-stirring vocals to the soothing instrumentals, this album is a testament to the diverse tapestry of gospel music. Each track is a unique offering, a testament to the festival’s 40-year legacy.

Availability and Worldwide Access

“The Strong Tower” is more than just an album; it’s a spiritual experience. It’s a testament to Livingspring’s unwavering commitment to the promotion of gospel music and the spiritual growth of all who engage with it. This album is a celebration of the festival’s rich history and a glimpse into its promising future.

As a testament to their global reach, “The Strong Tower” is now available in all digital stores worldwide. It’s a gift to the world, an invitation to connect with God through the power of music, and an opportunity to experience the heart and soul of the Livingspring Gospel Music Festival. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary collection of songs that will uplift your spirit and draw you closer to the divine. Get ready to be immersed in the spiritual ambiance of “The Strong Tower,” a gift from Livingspring to the world.

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Written by Bright Chibuzo

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