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Health Tips : Prevent the Flu and common Cold – A sound mind in a sound body

As temperatures drop and cold and flu season approaches, we would like to offer 7 effective ways you can help prevent catching the flu and cold this season.

Apart from taking a vaccine against the flu here are other things to do to stay healthy and avoid a soar throat.


1. Wash your hands with soap and warm water

Every time you shake hands with someone, wash your hands afterward. Washing your hands prior to eating and touching your face is a crucial way to prevent the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria.

Keep hand sanitizer handy for those times when you don’t have access to soap and water.

2. Eat a healthy diet

Eat small portion at a time to avoid constipation as digestion process will be slower. Eat foods and fruits rich in fiber and drink more citrus fruits like orange, Lime, lemon and pineapple. Add them to warm water to boost your immune system.

3. Work out

Not only is working out good for your cardiovascular system and weight management, staying fit boosts your immunity and helps you manage your stress levels, which is important for staying healthy in flu season. If you are out and about, keep a bottle of alcohol-based sanitizer in your bag or pocket to de-germ on the go.

4. Avoid people who are already sick

If someone is coughing or sneezing, keep your distance. Likewise, if you are sick and contagious, take time to rest at home so you can get better and not spread germs to those you come in contact with.

5. Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of fluids especially water . It flushes toxins out of your system and keeps you healthy. Avoid anything cold, it may affect your immune  system and allows internal fats to congeal around your body internal organs. If you do happen to get sick, staying well-hydrated is just as important for your recovery.

You can as well take ginger tea , garlic tea, tumeric tea, moringa tea and please don’t forget your Vitamin C ,( the white for the adult and orange for the children). Remember Vitamin D as well.

6. Skip the alcohol

New research shows that drinking alcohol can damage the body’s dendritic cells, a vital component of the immune system. An increase in alcohol consumption over time can increase a person’s exposure to bacterial and viral infections.

7. Don’t STRESS yourself

Get adequate sleep. Sleep deprivation can comprise the immune system, making you more susceptible to illness. Aim for seven to nine hours each night.

Please if you have the aged ones keep them warm as they are more vulnerable now. If you have low hair cut try to put on your cap, turban or something to cover up to avoid cold. If your floor is tiled put on your socks. Don’t walk bear foot. Mostly at night, put on the socks overnight.

Written by Diana Emah

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