Sensational Gospel Music Minister Clarion Clarkewoode, Releases “Remember Me

The song is a deep, passionate, honest and personal prayer I said to God many years ago when I could not marry my situation (what I was seeing in my life) and revelation (what God has shown me I would become in life).  

“It was a frustrating, confusing, dark, and sad moment. In tears, I knelt to pray saying the words of this song – “remember me” – to God. My life has not been the same after saying this honest prayer. The ‘#LastMinuteGod, #MyOnlyHelper – remembered me and came through for me in a mighty way! “I pray this becomes your story and testimony too. Blessings” – Clarion Clarkewoode.

Watch “Remember Me” on YouTube Below;


Remember me, gracious God
Remember me, precious Lord
Remember me, my faithful father
Remember me, remember me
My help ages past and years to come
Provider, protector, deliverer, my one and only
God you are, King you are

I wait on you, for you today
I call on you, for you today
I thirst for you, I long for you
I yearn for you today
I thirst for you, I long for you
I yearn for you today

The longer you hide, hide from me
The longer they’ll say…Where is my God
How long should they laugh
How long should they mock me
Remember me, remember me

Remember me from your Holy habitation
Me for your Holy reputation
My all in all, hearts desire, one desire
Remember me oh Lord

Change my destiny, remove my agony
Change my destiny, give me a song Lord
Change my destiny, remove my agony
Change my destiny, give me a song Lord


Clarion Clarkewoode is a UK-based music consultant and an international gospel recording artiste whose influence has spanned and revolutionized the music and worship ministries in the USA, UK, Australia, Zambia, Nigeria, Ghana, Denmark, Switzerland and many more.

2014: His maiden album, ‘Altar of Worship’ was nominated for two international awards: UK – Best Praise and Worship Music Video by GMIA and, USA – Black Essence Award in Indiana

2020 was a busy year for Clarion. He released four brand new singles including LAST MINUTE GOD, which is fast becoming a people’s choice and favourite.

Watch this space, he will be performing in a City, Church or Concert hall near you soon.

Follow him on Facebook and Instagram @ClarionClarkewoodeTwitter @MinisterClarion and subscribe to his YouTube channel – you won’t be let down in any shape or form.

Written by Bright Chibuzo

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