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‘YE'( Your Excellency ) – More Amazing and thrilling song | Ola Emmanuel

YE ( Your Excellency ) - Ola Emmanuel

Gospel music aficionados are in for a treat as Ola Emmanuel, a talented gospel recording artiste, unveils his highly anticipated album titled ‘YE’: Your Excellency. Following the success of his double release earlier this year, and his subsequent impactful single “Otoge,” this US Army Veteran presents a 10-track masterpiece that is set to inspire and uplift souls. The album boasts a stellar lineup of gospel music soldiers, including the likes of Psalmos, Sarah Blay, Mr. Gbera, Tunde Ara, and Mykell, each contributing their unique talents to this musical offering.

Ola Emmanuel’s message behind the album is clear and resounding. In his own words, he emphasizes the redemptive power we have received through Christ, highlighting that every curse has been broken and every ordinance written against us has been blotted out. With a sense of urgency and conviction, he calls upon believers to rise up as sons and daughters of God, boldly declaring “ENOUGH” to anything that opposes the divine “Yes” in our lives. This proclamation of faith resonates throughout the album, providing a resolute message of hope and empowerment to listeners. As Ola Emmanuel aptly concludes his message, he imparts the word “Shalom,” encompassing the peace and wholeness that comes from aligning our lives with God’s will.

The ‘YE’ album beautifully weaves together English and Yoruba, a popular dialect in the southwestern part of Nigeria, to deliver its profound message. The combination of these languages adds depth and authenticity to the music, allowing a wider audience to connect with its themes. Through positive declarations, glorious worship, and a fervent call to exercise our authority in Christ, Ola Emmanuel leads listeners on a transformative journey, enabling them to cancel every evil pronouncement that may have held them captive.

Every track on the ‘YE’ album is a testament to Ola Emmanuel’s unwavering dedication to his craft. Produced by the acclaimed TeeStrings, the album boasts exceptional musical arrangements, captivating melodies, and powerful lyrics that resonate deep within the heart and soul. From the opening track to the closing notes, each song carries a distinct energy and purpose, collectively forming a cohesive body of work that is both musically engaging and spiritually uplifting.

Listeners worldwide can now access the ‘YE’ album on all major music streaming platforms. Whether you are seeking solace, inspiration, or simply a joyful musical experience, Ola Emmanuel’s ‘YE’: Your Excellency is a must-listen. It serves as a reminder of the boundless love and grace of God, encouraging believers to embrace their true identity as children of the Most High and to walk in the authority bestowed upon them. Through this remarkable album, Ola Emmanuel invites us all to join in the anthem of victory, celebrating the triumph of faith and declaring the reign of our Heavenly Father in every aspect of our lives.

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Written by Bright Chibuzo

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