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Get It Back – build new hope streaming music-video | Jumoke Ayegbusi

Get it back - Jumoke Ayegbusi

“Get it back” by Prophetess Jumoke Ayegbusi

In the realm of divine intervention and the power of restoration, gospel music has always been a catalyst for hope and healing. Recently, an extraordinary encounter took place when God spoke directly to Prophetess Jumoke Ayegbusi, delivering a message of assurance and restoration. This divine communication birthed a powerful song titled “Get It Back,” which carries a resounding promise of reclaiming all that has been lost. In this blog post, we delve into the significance of this extraordinary encounter and the transformative impact of Jumoke Ayegbusi’s music.

It was in a moment of deep communion that Prophetess Jumoke Ayegbusi received a profound revelation from God. His message was crystal clear: He desired to restore the losses experienced by His children. This divine encounter served as the inspiration behind the creation of the extraordinary song, “Get It Back.” Every word and note in this melody were divinely orchestrated, carrying the power to ignite faith and bring about supernatural restoration.

“Get It Back” – The Anthem of Restoration: With its compelling lyrics and soul-stirring melody, “Get It Back” encapsulates the essence of hope and transformation. This song serves as a powerful reminder that regardless of the losses one has encountered in life, through faith in Jesus, restoration is not only possible but inevitable. Prophetess Jumoke Ayegbusi’s vocals soar with passion and conviction, infusing each verse with a divine energy that touches the depths of the listener’s soul.

As you immerse yourself in the enchanting harmonies of “Get It Back” and download the song, you tap into a promise of recovery that transcends boundaries. This is not just a song; it is a divine proclamation that resonates with believers worldwide. Through the unwavering faith expressed in this musical masterpiece, listeners are invited to claim their inheritance and reclaim all that has been lost. The mighty name of Jesus becomes the catalyst for miracles and restoration.

Prophetess Jumoke Ayegbusi has been blessed with a unique ability to connect with the hearts of people through her music ministry. Her unwavering dedication to spreading the message of hope and restoration has touched countless lives. “Get It Back” stands as a testament to her calling, showcasing her profound gift of prophetic worship and her desire to uplift and inspire those who are in need of healing and breakthrough.

“Get It Back” is more than just a song; it is a divine invitation to experience the restorative power of God. Through the words and melodies crafted by Prophetess Jumoke Ayegbusi, listeners embark on a transformative journey of faith, hope, and reclamation. As the lyrics resound in their hearts and the promises of restoration take root, lives will be forever changed. Embrace the hope and healing that “Get It Back” offers and witness the miraculous restoration of all that has been lost, all in the mighty name of Jesus.

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Get it back by Prophetess Jumoke Ayegbusi

Written by Bright Chibuzo

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