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Life.Church Worship: “As You Are” Now Available

Life.Church Worship released its new single, “As You Are,” today in celebration of Life.Church’s 25-year anniversary.

In 1996, Senior Pastor Craig Groeschel and his wife Amy started Life.Church to create a place where everyone’s welcome—no matter who they are or where they’ve been.

The new song captures the heart behind that message and reminds listeners that God loves them, just as they are, and offers hope for the future.

“This song was written for anyone who feels overwhelmed, heavy, or worn down,” said Cassidy Estevez of Life.Church Worship.

“It’s a reminder that we don’t have to fix ourselves to be welcomed into the presence of God. He’s a safe place for us to wrestle with our questions, and He’s always there to lovingly guide us toward the abundant life He has for each of us.”

“As You Are” is structured like a modern-day hymn with four verses and a refrain, and a full church choir joins in at the second chorus to complement that format.

While many of the group’s songs are written as a prayer for people to sing to God, the group describes this single as a song of encouragement for the listener.

“For this single, we wanted to write a message from the Church to the listener.

It feels personal as if it’s being sung just for one person, but it’s presented in a disarming way that’s meant to break down barriers.

It’s an incredibly moving song that we pray fills people with hope,” said Estevez.

Written by Victor Ekong

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