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NOT A MAN – Sensational spirit uplifting music || Funmi Praise

Not A Man - Funmi Praise

Funmi Praise and EmmaOhMaGod’s Uplifting Collaboration in “Not A Man”

In the world of gospel music, where faith, praise, and worship converge in harmonious melodies, every song holds the potential to be a vessel of divine inspiration. Funmi Praise, a renowned gospel music minister, has once again graced us with her exceptional talents, joined by the sensational singer EmmaOhMaGod (also known as EmmaOMG), in their latest collaborative masterpiece titled “Not A Man.”

The Power of Music in Gospel Ministry

Funmi Praise, an established name in the realm of Contemporary Christian Praise and Worship, is no stranger to delivering soul-stirring compositions that resonate deeply with the spirit. “Not A Man” serves as a testament to her unwavering commitment to this musical ministry.

The song’s Afrocentric vibe, reminiscent of Funmi Praise’s signature style, envelopes the listener in an atmosphere of reassurance and unwavering faith. At its core, “Not A Man” is a declaration of confidence in the divine, a resounding message of faith, and a profound expression of gratitude for God’s unchanging nature. The lyrical content, masterfully woven into the fabric of the melody, is a beacon of hope in the face of life’s uncertainties.

The Synergy of Voices

In gospel music, the power of collaboration often transcends individual talents, creating a synergy that elevates the song to new heights. EmmaOhMaGod’s velvety serenading tone and mood complement Funmi Praise’s steadfast declaration of faith in “Not A Man.” Together, they create a musical tapestry that reassures, uplifts, and inspires.

As their voices intertwine, the listener is drawn into a place of deep reflection and introspection. It’s a musical dialogue that speaks to the heart and soul, reaffirming the unwavering stance of both artists in their faith journey. Through every note and every lyric, they convey a message of unwavering faith and thanksgiving, regardless of life’s unpredictable twists and turns.

The Artistry Behind the Song

Behind every exceptional song lies a team of talented individuals who work tirelessly to bring the artist’s vision to life. “Not A Man” was no exception. Produced, mixed, and mastered by the skillful Mr. Wols, the song’s production quality is nothing short of exceptional. Mr. Wols’ craftsmanship ensures that every note, every beat, and every nuance of Funmi Praise and EmmaOhMaGod’s performances shine through, creating a sonic masterpiece that resonates deeply with the listener.

Where to Experience “Not A Man”

This divine musical creation, “Not A Man,” is now available for your listening pleasure on YouTube. We invite you to immerse yourself in the powerful message delivered through these poignant lyrics and symphonic brilliance. As you journey through the triumphant melodies of “Not A Man,” let the word of God, woven into the very fabric of this song, ignite hope and faith within you, equipping you to withstand life’s challenges and emerge victorious.

In conclusion, Funmi Praise and EmmaOhMaGod’s collaboration in “Not A Man” is a shining testament to the enduring power of gospel music. It reminds us that through faith, praise, and worship, we can find solace, strength, and unwavering confidence in the unchanging nature of our Creator. “Not A Man” is not just a song; it’s an experience—a journey into triumphant victory through the divine language of music.

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Funmi Praise | Not A Man | Feat. EmmaOMG

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Music Lyrics: “Not a man”

Not a Man

You’re not a man, you never fail

You’re not a man, you never fail

You’re the of God of yesterday today and forever 

Not a man you never fail

Covenant keeping God the promise keeper

What you say is what you do

Your word is true it is yeah and Amen

Not a man, you never fail

Enito npaamimo kiisun kiitoogbe

Toba tisoro amu ileri se 

Oluranlowomi nigba iponju oh

Not a man oh you never fail

Wonder working Jesus eh

Never ever fail


The only living God

That’s who you are

God of yesterday 

You do exceedingly, abundantly

More than we ask or think 


You never fail

You are the promise keeper

Too faithful to fail

The Way maker, not a man that you should lie

God of yesterday, today and forever

Not a man oh you never fail 

Oh my God

Every time I lift my eyes to the hill oh

You always send me help oh

And through and through and through

You’ve never failed me and you’ll never fail oh eh

Cos you are God and not a man oh

Igbagbo mi duro lori eje atododo Jesu 

Nko je gbekemile ohun kan leyin oruko nla Jesu tori

Never fails yeah

Never fail

Dependable God oh you have never failed

Jesu never fails oh oh oh ih

Unchangeable changer  oh you never change


I’ve searched through far and wide never seen a God like you, 

Never seen a God like you but your  word remain the same

Most reliable Jesu always faithful  oh oh eh

My helper defender  promoter you’re able Your mercies are new every morning and you bless us with benefits 

Day by day 

Day by day 

Day by day 

Day by day 

Jesu Jesu oh

My Father My Pilar Sustainer and you’re able

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, uuuuuuh today and forever eh eh

Nobody great like you 

Eh eh yeh Baba

There is no one like you

Eko yipo pada oh

There is nobody like you oh yeah

Eh never fail oh oh oh

Yeah you never fail oh oh oh oh oh yeah

You never fail eh eh eh

Oh my God

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Written by Bright Chibuzo

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