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My Real Name Is Not Chioma Jesus

Chioma Jesus

Sensational Gospel Music Minister “Amaka okwuoha “ Popularly known As “ Chioma Jesus ” has disclosed to the Public on how Chioma Jesus Came about.

In her Word’s….

1995 a foreign Preacher from Brazil came to preach in A Crusade in Nigeria and I was there he looked Towards my direction and Requested
I should come and I came, he said God told him that he is Going to Give me an indigenous Song(Song in my dialect”igbo”).

And that Song will overshadow my Real name and Announce me all Over.
After that meeting I was still struggling it seemed nothing was going to show forth, a few years Later;

CHIOMA JESUS” came as an inspiration and Encounter and From that Day things drastically turned around destiny began unfolding a few years later I sang at the world’s biggest worship platform “THE EXPERIENCE” and that brought about a Total change of my story.

I’ve sung the song in Europe, America many part of the world, most times they may not understand it but they enjoy and Dance to it.

My Real Name is Amaka Okwuoha
But many do not know my Real name they know me as CHIOMA JESUS”
CHIOMA JESUS will chiomalize your Life as you read through this.
To any man that connects by Faith God Will give you a name that will make you a Global Figure.

Well, its so funny how almost all her fans actually thought her really name was Chioma Jesus, including you reading this, me as well ….

Written by Bright Chibuzo

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