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Last weekend, thousands of Christians in three Northeastern states experienced a mighty move of God as revival meetings continue to take place across the nation.

Using #LetUsWorship on social media, Bethel Worship leader Sean Feucht led believers in praise and worship throughout all three spiritual gatherings in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

According to CBN News, followers of Jesus met in Lincoln Park, NJ  on Friday despite rainy weather.

Feucht said:

“We feel like this rain delay is only making us even more hungry and more passionate,” “This is the stuff worship dreams are made of.”

Then on Saturday, a revival meeting was held in New York City’s Washington Square Park. During the event, multiple baptisms and conversions are reported to have occurred.

He further added:

“This place is filled with people about to get baptized in the fountains of Washington Square Park,” . “Some of them just got saved … some are rededicating.”

Feucht also posted a clip on social media showing NYPD officers being prayed over by believers amid recent tension between law enforcement and civilians throughout the country.

Dr. Charles Karuku from International Outreach Church explained in a Facebook video that 29 people were baptized during Saturday’s meeting, which included a family of five.

He added :

“We had people getting born again. We kept on baptizing people,” . “We baptized an entire family of five – it was awesome. They all gave their life (sic) to Christ and they came to be baptized.”

He further said :

“A revival is when God begins to tug on the hearts of people and call them back to repentance,” Karuku explained.

“When God begins to be the first love of His people, that is the spark of love in the hearts. It is the revival of the hearts.”

The revival meeting continued on Sunday at the Boston Commons as Dr. Roberto Miranda, a local pastor, gave believers a word of encouragement.

Dr. Miranda added :

“It’s hard to believe that we are in Boston right now,”

“I’ve been pastoring in Boston for 34 years and I’ve had a front-row seat to how the weather and temperature – spiritually – has been going up and up in New England.”

“I think God still has things to do in this city. Let’s not overestimate the prophetic power of these acts,”

“These are prophetic times that require prophetic acts from the people of God. It is necessary to be here to break through the darkness. The Holy noise we are making strikes fear in the enemy.”

On Monday, Dr. Karuku announced that the revival tour will continue in several Midwestern states including Minneapolis, Madison, Milwaukee, Kenosha, Chicago and Cleveland.

“We are so honored together with Sean Feucht to see God send a fresh move of a new Jesus People Movement in America,” Karuku wrote. “Our heart cry is Lord do it again.”

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